Friday, October 07, 2005
The Big Tent
I realize my last entry was not really fair in it’s assessment of President Bush’s Supreme Court Nomination. Any true conservative will understand why I was upset, and any liberal will misunderstand why. I still think it was a poor choice, given all of the possible choices. Rather than me pontificating more on that issue…….I have been thinking.
Both the Democrats and Republicans have said they are the political party with the big tent. Is it possible for both to be right? I started thinking about all of the diversity in President Bushes selections, and it is evident he has pitched a very big tent. I started to think of the big tent of the Conservatives………
My mind drifted back to the time I went to the big top, as we called the big tent of the traveling circus. Even in my youth I realized there was a very diverse group of people at the circus. I can still smell the elephant dung, peanuts and sweaty uniforms of the circus people. No, this is probably not a good description of the Republican Big Tent.
Hmm…I went to a wedding in a big tent once. No this is a little rich for my enjoyment. It couldn’t be a tent so decadent. The Republican tent has rich and poor and a lot of middle class in it. I would feel out of place in these tents.
I wonder if history has any tents I could compare the Republican Big Tent too. Here are some possibilities?
These first two are pictures taken while the first Republican President was in office, leading a war effort that had to be fought. They both were taken in 1864, and they show sutlers and doctors in front of the tents they worked in, near or on the battlefields of the Civil War.

What about this tent….?General George Custer poses in front of his tent, with some of his scouts. He probably should have had the scouts out assessing the nearby territory…..this was the last picture taken of the General. He had no idea that he was outnumbered so badly, like I said, the scouts should have not been at the tent, they should have been scouting.
Now for a reality check......Thousands of our fighting men and women, spend months living and working in tents like these. They are busy at our nations defense, hunting down and killing those that want to tear down Americas big tent. Next time you go to the circus tent, a wedding tent, or see a picture of a tent from long ago…Remember our fighting men and women.

I am going to add a few pictures from Kirkuk Iraq, where if you read the MSM, you would think nothing good has happened, and it is hopeless. It sure looks like these children may have a future, even in Husseins home town. The people in Kirkuk are beginning to shake off the nightmare of yesterday. These young children are playing in the big tent of democracy, thanks to America, Great Britain and other brave warriors from great nations.



Blogger phred said...

Although I agree with our military efforts in Iraq - there are many ways to make your presence known.
We have a friend stationed in Kirkuk. He was friendly with the kids in an orphanage there, and had some sobering / heartwrenching stories to tell.
My family and I sent several boxes of clothes and school supplies over.
My hope is , that America can show the people of this country that there is hope, and maybe we are not the monster that the liberal press would have everybody think.
One should remember that not all of our service men and women are misbehaving and taking advantage of the situation. You know - they ARE fighting a war - war is not always clinical and precise and clean.
I agree old friend - God Bless our Troops, Amen

Blogger AubreyJ said...

Welcome back WL!!!
Your venting gave to debate that I for one stayed out of... I think the President knows what he is doing... but-- I too wish he would have at least picked someone YOUNGER!!!

Blogger Zipcard2 said...

Amen, God Bless Our Troops! And I trust President Bush, he has been underestimated so many times, remember that. Have faith.

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