Saturday, October 22, 2005
Open Letter to Senator Stevens of Alaska,

Please do your country a favor, quit like you threatened to do on the floor of the Senate Chamber. That part of the Capitol Building in its glorious gilded splendor, is the taxpayer’s house, not yours, and you disgraced that chamber this week. You threw a tantrum that would make a spoiled 4 year old proud. You are too old and senile to help your country, so do as you threatened… QUIT NOW.

The 223 million dollars to build a bridge to an island in your state where only 50 people live, is a theft of taxpayers money, a bribe to keep your sorry ass in the Senate.

Taxpayers of America it is time to revolt against these thieves in Washington called Senators. They take almost half of our paycheck to spend like this. It used to be something to chuckle at…pork. Now it is on such a scale that it has become unbearable. They cannot keep on spending like there is no tomorrow. There is a tomorrow, and the children today will have to pay for all the unnecessary largess of the self righteous Senators and Representatives. A crime of monumental proportion is taking place and no one seems to notice.

Let me put this crime in perspective
For the 223 million dollars that will be spent on a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, the taxpayers could have bought every family on that island, (est. to be 12 families)
A Lear Jet, yes a brand new $4,000,000 model, not the economy version.
It would cost about $2,000,000 to keep a pilot on standby for twenty years, at a $100,000 annual salary. This would cost the taxpayers about 72 million dollars, and the taxpayers could pay for all of the jet fuel these families would need for twenty or more years, all for less than half the cost of that bridge. And to show we aren’t bitter, we taxpayers could supply all the little bags of honey roasted peanuts they would ever need. Then we could use the savings to help the needy hurricane victims.

Do the math yourself, it may be laughable, but we are the ones who are going to have to pay for this. I don’t care which party he is from…..he is a pompous acting criminal and should be in jail. Thievery on a scale this large makes me want to quit working hard just to pay more taxes for these criminals to steal.

Someone will have to pay for the billions and billions of dollars of pork the Senators and Representatives added to the latest transportation bill. And why President Bush did not veto it, I’ll never understand.

The lowly taxpayers can plainly see that it doesn’t matter who is in the White House, who is in the Senate, or House……Republican or Democrat, they will use the power they have to steal our nation’s blood, the financial blood that is. I am sorry to be so gloomy, but tell me how we will ever be able to pay for all of this? This is only about one States pork; the bill had billions and billions of dollars allocated for wasteful pork projects.

The thought just hit me…… the Washington crowd keeps up bitter partisan fights, to divert our attention while they pick our pockets.



Anonymous sallythesaleslady said...

I can't believe no one commented on this so long ago. You need a PR person.

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