Saturday, April 30, 2005
The Way to Lose a War
Is this any way to fight a war?
The way to lose at war

In America a war is being fought. It is for the very heart and soul of our nation, and our right to the liberty our ancestors fought and died for.

I still see, one of the warring parties constantly in denial.

This portion of America (the majority) will not even admit to being in this war. Remember how denial of the terrorist war being fought against us from abroad served us? Two skyscrapers fell to the ground, our Pentagon was damaged, and thousands were killed, because our enemy had been at war with us, but we denied that fact. Because of our denial, we actually made it easier for them to hit us hard.

Not only are this majority of people in denial, most of the majority don’t even want to hear about their enemy. The few that do see the problem, notice many of their leaders acting at times like the young boy, drawing a line in the dirt, and announcing to the playmates around him. "You better not cross this line."

What will it take America?

“You better not cross this line, and persecute the Boy Scouts of America.”

“You better not mess with the pledge of allegiance.”
"You better not make it illegal to pray at school."

Well these lines were crossed without a fight, and I could cite you hundreds of other instances when the line was drawn only to be crossed without a fight. We just keep surrendering more of America, I guess hoping that our enemy will be satisfied with all that has been gained by them and lost by us, and leave the rest of our liberty alone. They haven’t even been slowed in their plan for America. We keep surrendering ground to the ACLU and their socialist minions.

We just kept backing away from the fight.

Over and over again, we have said,
“You’ll be in trouble if you cross this line.”

Oh really? It doesn’t appear like that to me. And it's obvious that the ACLU and friends are not in trouble at all.

Look at your adversary closely. Do you want to live in the world they want? Most of you wouldn’t enjoy life in the world they envision.

The ACLU and many of their friends want the USA to become a socialist nation. You may think “Why would they want Socialism in America? No one is rich or free in a socialist nation.”

Study the now defunct USSR and you will find that the ruling class did quit handsomely in the days of communism. The ruling class in the USSR (politburo, for one) had lots of freedom, and wealth.

Lawyers, Judges, Journalist, and Serial Killers were the big winners in the USSR, as long as the party line was followed. That is until the people had finally had enough.

What is your limit? When will you have had enough?
Is the brutal starving of Terri Schiavo the last straw? If not, Just what will it take?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this blog. I don't comment to many blog articles, but I had to say this one made me think.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blogs are amazing. I enjoy reading your thoughts.


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