Friday, April 29, 2005
Terri Schiavo and Who Lives and Who Dies Now?
Who lives? Who dies?

There is no merit in rehashing all that has been told and retold, in the Terri Schiavo Starvation and Dehydration. Many people much wiser than I, will have much to say. You will hear a lot of commentary on this happening, but who really knows how Terri ended up with a damaged brain, in a healthy body? I don’t.

I am but one voice among a thousand, trying to explain what I think happened, and what I know happened.

Today I want to share with you what I know to have happened.

1. A disabled woman was starved to death.
And starved to death in a country that punishes those that won’t feed a horse, dog or canary properly.

What happened to bring us to such a barbaric and public execution of a fellow citizen?

I do have some questions about the sorry situation, that ended in a healthy woman of 41 years being cruelly murdered.

Without delving into the details of the event, I do want to make public some observations, and some personal judgments of all I have witnessed in the last two weeks. Again.

2. Terri was starved to death in a barbaric fashion.

Yes she was starved to death while lawyers, doctors, and news readers…praised the virtues of starvation and dehydration. Yes they all told us how starving and dehydration is dignified, euphoric and peaceful. Almost makes you want go without food or water for 13 days, doesn’t it???

Or maybe that sleazy lawyer, Pelos, would volunteer to demonstrate a little of this euphoria. In fact, with him being so intelligent, I think he could demonstrate just how euphoric starvation and dehydration are, in just ten days……instead of 13 days.

3. America saw a picture of love rarely seen.
Even while hate and death loomed ever so near, Terri’s family was concerned only with Terri, not how they looked on TV, or to the nation. Grown men are not supposed to cry publicly, but Terri’s dad looked like a person who had just been told that one of his children had been killed. He knew. I cried many tears with him. And his wife was the solid rock, never wavering, faltering, even as hell itself showed up to torment her…….she knew her daughter, one who she gave life to, was in danger of being murdered.

But every time I saw Michael Schiavo, or his lawyer, they were dressed to kill, and there was no sorrow or tears amongst them, just arrogance.

Yes, Terri’s mother, father, sister and brother, looked to me to be grieving, even before the fact. I think they sensed that the tug of war between pro-life and pro-death would leave them with a dead sister, or daughter. But, even in grief and pain, they showed the world, America at its best. Who wouldn’t relate to their grief? The one they loved was a pawn in a deadly game. But they steadfastly showed love for Terri, and proclaimed that they wanted to take care of Terri, forever. They volunteered to care for Terri for life, but the courts said, NO………She will die. So, she did.

And I ask you, do you think a court can determine the quality of life you must have, to be viable? Is this where we are today? If a court says those with a diminished quality of life must die, how many parents with a disabled child, would agree??? Or a blind child, a deaf child, or an ugly child……yes being ugly is a diminished form of life.

And just what is diminished quality of life?

To a millionaire movie star, just the thought of having to live life as a truck driver, would bring them to say……..I wouldn’t want to live like that.

So lets starve all the truck drivers to death, to please the millionaire movie stars.

4. No one will know how Terri ended up damaged.
I do want to know, but the facts won’t be available to the average citizen, we are not worthy.

Here are a few more things I know we have all learned.

5. It doesn’t matter what Congress or the President do or say, the few privileged, appointed not elected judges in America, are the power.
They have the power of life or death. The courts of America seem more than willing to listen to the killers, rapist and pedophiles of our society, but wouldn’t let Terri live long enough to have her case retried, even though she was not a burden to anyone, taxpayers or family.

6. I am going to hug every disabled, retarded, or elderly human I see, because their days are numbered.


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