Saturday, April 30, 2005
Middle East Tyrants have that Deer in the Headlight Look.

I love to relate complex world situations to the simple world of a truck driver. Really? Truck Drivers are simple people? NO, I said the simple job of a truck driver.

Driving truck is a simple job. The job simply requires a person to drive about 11 or 12 hours a day, five days a week. Oh, and the driver must be 100% right in all of the daily decisions made behind the steering wheel. To fall below the level of perfection or 100%, means injury or death to the driver and perhaps others.

People working in the transportation field, and any soldier ask to defend the homeland in time of war, must be consistently correct in decisions they make at their occupation. We all know that the same level of perfection is not required of the meteorologist or even the TV newsperson. (Think Dan Rather)

The Conversation Dept. of the state of Missouri is one of the best anywhere. They manage wildlife in a rational way.
But they often get criticized for allowing the deer population to reach levels that endanger motorists who have run-ins with them. At certain times of the year I see deer in the roadway just about every night.

We are going to consider part of the old adage….the deer in the headlight look. You may have actually seen the look on the face of a deer standing in the middle of a country road at night. It is a sad and surprised look, but the deer must make a decision and make it real quick, A.)Stand his/her ground…... or B.) Leave the road for a safer place.

Here is a partial list of people that I have noticed with the, “deer in the headlight look”.

King Abdullah II, of Jordan
Sheik Jabir al-Sabah of Kuwait
King Mohamed VI of Morocco
P.M. Ariel Sharon of Israel
Pres. Hosni Mubarak of Egypt
Pres. Emile Luhud of Lebanon
Pres. Bashar al Assad of Syria
Col. Muammar Kaddafi of Libya
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran
King Fahd bin Abdel Aziz of Saudi Arabia

Let me explain exactly what is happening to cause these rulers to take notice of the truck or in this case the bus speeding toward them.

Because of the determination of ONE MAN, these rulers see the headlights of Liberty’s Bus, coming their way. Yes, that man is one who is both loved and hated in his own country, President George Walker Bush.

It would bode you well to get on the right side of history in this monumental event. Freedom is on the march. You could also remain stubborn and call GW stupid and a cowboy. But, If George Bush is stupid, what are you? Millions of people are going to taste Liberty for the first time, and they know who was driving the bus. They don’t see him as stupid or a cowboy.

The elitist press of the United States will not report it, but we all know that there are a lot of people in the Middle East, who love this bus driver, the bus driver who drove Liberty’s Bus right up to their door, and invited them on. It is one thing to sit in comfort and safety, wringing your hands proclaiming your desire for all citizens of the world to be free. That is not risky or deadly in any way. It is quite another to take the steps necessary to help these people procure freedom.

All of the listed rulers now know that George W. Bush is the driver of the Liberty Bus. They also know he takes his job seriously, and will do it even while being criticized by people who have no concern about any liberty except their own.

(In my mind, anyone that selfish doesn’t deserve liberty. Remember what one of our great document proclaims? Liberty and justice for all. It took about a hundred years for America to come to grips with just who should have liberty and justice, YES IT IS ALL PEOPLE, but we did it, to our credit)

The rulers I listed are aware that millions, yes millions of people now want what the beautiful people of Iraq have obtained, FREEDOM TO HAVE A PART IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE COUNTRY THEY LIVE IN. They know the blood and sweat that will be required is worth the freedom they long for.

Here is how this scene plays itself out in my mind. The group of tyrants I listed is in the middle of the road on a dark evening. They hear something, look up and the glare of the headlights from Liberty’s Bus, temporarily blinds them. As the bus nears the group I mentioned, a strange thing occurs. George W. turns the headlights on Liberty’s Bus, off.

I have been in this situation before, deer on the road, temporarily blinded by the lights of my truck. The best course of action is to turn the headlights off for a few seconds and the deer will vacate the highway.

George Bush is doing much the same for many of the countries of the Middle East, by turning the headlights of the Liberty Bus off long enough for these rulers to get off of the highway. This allows those rulers an opportunity to take steps toward giving citizens a say in the rule of their own country. It is happening in several different countries as you read this. This pause may have saved the world much violence and death. I don’t expect George W. Bush will even be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, but he is a peacemaker in my mind. Peace only comes by one side being victorious. Freedom is going to prevail, the cost is great, but the result will be a more peaceful world.

Don’t let your dislike of the bus driver; make you want the Liberty Bus to have an accident. These millions of people deserve Liberty. And they want it now. Bob Dylan wrote his song 40 years too soon. “The times they are a changing……..”


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