Friday, April 29, 2005
An 'Ameriphile' Looks at Mesopotamia
The Jewel of Mesopotamia

I admit to being an ‘Ameriphile’ and enjoying it.

I love America, and wish the whole world could live like all of us in America live.

Many people throughout the world wish the same thing.

But, there are many in the world today, wishing for liberty and freedom that will never see this dream come true. How sad. Some people who want liberty and freedom will never get a chance to work toward that goal, until they ‘take up the sword’ and rebel against the dictators of their country. Again how sad.

A proud people in one country are waking up as free human beings for the first time in many decades. Yes, I am talking about Iraq, and the Iraqi people.

The world has been shown what it takes to bring liberty to an enslaved people. It takes hard work, blood, and tears. The Iraqi people have been willing to shed the tears, shed the blood and do the hard work of securing freedom. And they have it today.

I wish I could visit Iraq. There are so many lessons to learn from the history of Iraq. Iraq once was the jewel of the Mesopotamia. Its citizens enjoyed freedom and liberty on a grand scale. It wasn’t called Iraq, and the area had few political boundaries, but it was an area of culture and splendor. Art and Science flourished in the area.

Then a dark cloud settled over the region.

European greed, war, and the plundering of the area by British, French and other European countries left the area ripe for despotism. Saddam Hussein took advantage of the situation, and lived a life of opulence and decadency, for years and years. All of Saddam’s riches came from his plundering of the resources of Iraq. His rise to power was a bloody affair, and he kept power for several decades by, terrorizing the citizens of his country, and making sure all Iraqi’s knew of someone who just ‘disappeared’, or someone who was missing an arm or tongue.

Saddam had the help of France, Germany and Russia, (what a trio) who bought at reduced prices, the plundered wealth of Iraq. Saddam plundered his country, and this trio of nations gladly bought the plunder.

Shameful, shameful behavior. I do give credit to Great Britain for taking little or no part in the plunder of Iraq, albeit they did share in the destabilization of the area, after World War I, and continuing even after WWII. A lot of Western countries have been guilty of meddling in the Middle East.

I suppose some will say that America and its allies are meddling there now, but I look at the results, not the hysteria. If indeed it is meddling, Free elections and Liberty, are two results of this latest meddling, and in few more years Iraq will be able to protect it borders and citizens.

President Bush quite clearly pointed out why we were meddling in the area, and his resolve under much hysterical pressure, brought about a victory for Liberty.

France, Germany and Russia: there is much blood on the hands of this trio. I imagine there are many more mass grave sites to be found in Iraq.

Things look a little different now.


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