Friday, June 23, 2006
Our Warriors and Prayer
If one of our nations so called journalists had of been on the scene in Iraq….when some of our sons and daughters in uniform responded to the call from the Iraqi Military Command that they had discovered the site where some leaders of the peaceful religion of islam dumped the remains of two young men, (recently boys, yes they were young) who went through hell for you and me……..the journalists would have vomited all over themselves; and they would have lost control of their bowels.

TO CONTINUE READING THIS STORY it is gruesome so I took it off of my front page blog, read it if you can stand knowing the truth.

But if you are like most, you don't want to know the truth, because you like the blinders that you wear. All would be peace and love if only America was not around. Listen up, someone is risking their life for you right now.


Blogger jarhead john said...

WL, you and I both know what's wrong with this picture. While I wish that you could have gotten the same message across without the graphic details of our nation's heroes' demise, I fear that you could not have.

The comparison between the utter defiling of these brave men, and the somewhat humiliating treatment of muslim nutjob prisoners (who are still alive) is right on the money. I've been waiting for evidence of actual "torture" of islamic prisoners, but, alas, there is none.

The lefty loons still think that we're up against a few, "radical," muslims. We're not. We're up against islam. Its followers are all about it when an American is killed and tortured; but allah forbid that some other muslim nutjob is photographed in their underwear. What a load of crap.

Islam is a cult of hate and oppression. Period.

The msm adds to the muslim fervor. Spineless bastards.

Certain caps were intentionally omitted.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I wrestled with my own conscience as to whether or not to tell a little of the gruesome tale, and I still may take this post down. I hope I am not piling hurt upon the family members of these two young men. I leave for work in an hour, I will make a decision to leave or delete this post. It made me sick digging up this information. It is a culmination of 3 different radio show hosts, and an extensive search on the internet.

One thing that frustrates me is our kid glove treatment of our citizens. When was the last time you saw a picture of the atrocity of 9-ll????

People were actually arrested for trying to take pictures of ground one. We give our enemy a hand up on us.

Don't think for a moment that our enemy will not show the graphic picture of wars horrors.

Blogger prying1 said...

Thanks for posting this WL. It is disgusting the way these animals mistreat humans and throw around the supposed name of (a) god while doing so.

I am certainly glad that Jesus does not require behaviour like this with his followers.

I understand your dilemma in whether to keep this up or not. I think having it on the back page as you do is the way to do it.

I'm certainly glad that Saddam is taken out and more and more of these terrorists die every day.

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