Thursday, June 15, 2006
A response
WHAT STARTED OUT TO BE AN ANSWER TO A COMMENT HERE AT SANITY’S BLUFF, TURNED INTO THIS RANT, WHICH, BY THE WAY, I AM PROUD OF… I made it a blog entry. Thanks Jay, for stirring up my creative juices.

It takes more than soldiers to win wars Jay......and many soldiers, (like Murtha) get in the way of victory, after they are no longer personally in danger.

I guess the question of yours could be asked like this, Should all ex-Marines be given carte Blanc to blame military at some distant time, for things happening in the heat of a battle? Events that they have not been charged or been tried for? No benifit of doubt for soldiers? Quilty until proven innocent?

Murtha is a disgrace to the Marine Corp. I don’t care what he, Kerry or McCain did in Vietnam…our nation is in danger now, and these politicians are cashing in on their past service, while mugging and robbing the taxpayers of today. These ex-soldiers are endangering the citizenry of today, and their children, so weigh everything up and you too may agree....they are are no more than scumbags of today who were heros yesterday. Yesterday is no help today.........our nation is in peril, and these self-righteous elitists are doing more harm to our young warriors then help.......Doubt me? Go talk to the one doing the protecting today. Go talk to the sons and daughters who are placing their life between danger and you.....I dare you.........ask the ones fighting the terrorists, what they think of Murtha, McCain and Kerry.

If you cannot see the need to love America, help her warriors and respect her leader, (that would be George Walker Bush) I don't care what you did 40 years ago.

….no the big boys of the house and senate are not at risk…….they have Marines protecting them.

Let’s start this saga of webloafer…..back where it all began…….WWII

My mother, who was pregnant at the time, carried me and my twin brother while working long hard hours in a factory building B-25's. That would have been way back in the 1940’s. B-25’s were weapons America needed to win the war we didn’t start, tried to avoid, but finally WON.

She worked right up to delivery time and so things like this were bound to happen:

Even though the war (WWII) had recently ended, all of the good doctors and nurses were overseas still taking care of our fallen warriors.

I don't hold a grudge against the intern who dropped me on the concrete right after my birth.

Yes the truth finally comes out…..”When I was a little bitty baby, my momma dropped me on the pavement….in those old cottonfields back home...." Or something like that, you know the song.

Yes, I'm crazy and love it. But I have an excuse…….all of the sure-fingered nurses were overseas, helping the wounded soldiers of America, and the tens of millions of refugees and wounded left behind after the victory of GOOD over EVIL.

Basically it all boiled down to this: AMERICA vs EUROPE.

At one time in 1940, it was basically America and the British Empire against the rest of the world.


Yes the oil money of the Middle East is funding the war against America and Great Britain, but it is the Europeans that are the brains behind the whole affair. Do you think for a moment Germany is helping Israel, or any Jews stay alive? Europeans hate Jews, and that will never change. They have funneled forbidden weapons, and even nuclear technology into those nations that hate Jews. So today Israel is surrounded by enemies with weapons supplied by the Europeans, Chinese and Russians.

Only someone who spends time reading the manual for living, (THE HOLY BIBLE) could understand why I still refer to Jews as God’s chosen people……..

If God choose them, they remain chosen.

God never falters changes or errs.
The Jews, trying to live peacefully upon the small piece of earth’s real estate ((Israel))that GOD promised to them, cannot be destroyed. Do you think the creator would let His word be disputed? There are no words thought up, recorded or spoken by any other mind, heart or lips, than God’s word, worthy of putting my trust and faith in. That is why I don’t hesitate to trust and even stake my life on God’s ability to keep His word. He recorded these words about His chosen people….”I will bless them that bless them and curse them that curse them.” Hey that’s enough for me……

Living in the last days will get difficult for those that believe God, but, the rewards of the faithful are something I wouldn’t trade for half of the wealth of this world. Just before the Son of God returns to earth to claim His bride………(the church)………times will be so evil, if you stand for righteousness or goodness………you might have to die for your belief. What would you give in return for your eternal soul? A season of sin?

It matters not if most of the billions living on this planet HATE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, I still want to befriend those that God declared His love for….

Today, after the cross, God declares his love for everyone living and breathing, yes even the Muslims of this world. But up until that time, the cross, God loved only a few. I don't see how God could love anyone of the humans that disobeyed Him while living in a paradise such as the garden of eden.

Now for a digression…..I have known a lot of Jewish People on a personal level, had a Jewish lover for a short tumultuous time, was offered a leadership role in an Israeli Kibbutz in the 1960’s, so I am not someone to ignore on this subject. Here is my conclusion……Jewish people are some of the hardest people on the planet earth to love, but God loved them so I love them. Difficult?

You don’t know difficult unless you worked for Sophia Perlewitz’s temporary work placement agency. It was a day labour agency, and Sophia personally sent me and many others on a workday journey…All you had to do was show up…..Sophia took care of the rest…...

She would tell me, “John, there is a delicatessen in Brooklyn that needs a dishwasher today…here’s a subway token and directions to get there”

I would follow directions carefully and get on the correct subway lines to hurry up to someplace that needed a dishwasher. Let me tell you, this time in my youth was pleasureful. After the hard work was over, it was learning time. Webloafer has a big folder in his C Drive, full of memories of those crazy days from the ‘60’s. Very few people have treated me any better than those owners of small delicatessens who paid me every penny Sophia had promised, and most times a little more, fed me and thanked me, for showing up as a fill in dishwasher. You will never find a dirty plate in a Jewish Delicatessen in any of the boroughs of New York City.

Can you grasp my train of thought here, it may be difficult for recent graduates of American public schools, to understand this bit of history. Jews are hated by most people in the world, but I have never had a bad experience brought about by a Jew. Jealousy will keep many people from enjoying rubbing elbows with God’s chosen people.

I hope you don’t start hating jews, just because European’s hate them. I could explain at a later time why the frogs and dogs of Europe hate Jews, but here is my stand.

I will try hard to befriend the people that God loved……..more than the perverted Gentiles, of which I am a descendant the first chapter of the book of Romans....because at one time they were the only people on the earth even occasionally trying to please God.

So to recap….I want to make sure I love the people and things God loves. Is it not clear now to you that the Bible is God’s manual for living……..?

All of what we see happening daily on our TV’s and newspapers, blogs, and internet sites was recorded before the fact.

The whole world may hate Jews and want them dead but they are still living as a litmus test for living.

© Litmus Test for Living

Living because God wants to know who is one His side.

One day, there will be the last war upon this Earth.

Yes, one last battle,

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON??????????????

Now to clarify a few matters of semantics….Jews?

Jews are not privileged anymore, they too have to accept the Messiah their great great great….so on…grandparents crucified 2.000 years ago, accept His grace, forgiveness and eternal life, but they are chosen. Being one of the chosen people today only means you will be hated like no other race of people on the earth. They don't get a 'get into heaven free card', and

No blood but the shed blood of the sacrificial lamb JESUS CHRIST can atone for their sins, but if they believe, repent, confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and are baptized in water for the remission of sins……….they can live forever (eternity) with the one who choose them and saved me.

Yes, God sent his only BEGOTTEN…. (Which translated correctly means……ALL HE HAD) SON, to one of the billions of galaxies He created to SAVE a few of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.


In that war, EVERYONE, even movie stars contributed. Songwriters helped out. Teachers helped out. Newspaper editors contributed by writing a positive article once in a while.

Children collected junk metal, and milkweed pods. (the milkweed pods were used in life jackets for our warriors)

Everyone sacrificed and worked for the war effort.

Jay, you have not said a good word, or done a good thing for our country in this life or death struggle against terrorism. You have surrounded yourself for the most part, with people who hate America, and our military. SO, I won't be answering you or any of your leftist friends from all over the world about my military service.

I guess I had better go back through the archives of Sanity's Bluff and post a link to the answer to all of the leftist's questions about my military service.

Yes, I'll do that in a few weeks, but it is there for you to find.

Jay, I see a lot of your good qualities when you are writing about anything but politics. So, I hold out hope for you to speak out just once and say something nice about America and the warriors protecting us. Even as my fingers move across the keyboard of my computer writing this answer I am perplexed at the failure of some to wish our protectors success and safety. My thoughts will be posted for the world to view on the internet,which by the way was created and shared with the world by the warriors of AMERICA....kinda brings a lump in the throat of this old truck driver, we owe so much to our warriors in this dangerous world.

If Lawrence Kansas was the scene of the next horrific terrorist attack, I know who you would be wanting to show up...and show up quickly.

It wouldn't be a limousine full of senators, Clinton, Kerry, McCain, with (representatives) Nancy Pelosi and Murtha.


Anonymous ***** said...

I actually read all of this writing. You are wasting your time blogging. You don't need people arguing with you, you need readers.
And it wouldn't hurt you to have someone proofread your logic.
I can follow it, but I doubt that anyone would take the time to wade between your logic and literary skills to get what is there.
Now that is not a putdown so come by my website and I'll try to steer some help your way.

Blogger Jay said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Jilian Burgess said...

I guess what I don't understand are the people in America who insist on putting our soldiers down. Telling them they're wasting there time and fighting for no reason. They're fighting so that you are able to share your opinion. Wrong or right. So why wouldn't you support those troops?

Agreed on the Jewish topic. I'm thankful I wasn't born a Jew because they are so discriminated against. Put down throughout history. But I love them and look upon them favorably because they are God's chosen people and God is never mistaken.
Loved the revealing of your own life experiences. And thanks for your comments I'll definitely take you up on that Psalms reading.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

Good RANT, WL!

Blogger Jay said...

um...okay. So I see that anything I say is somehow anti-American and anit-God, if it is critical of our President or if I suggest that we should have a very good reason to ask other men to die for us. Let me quote from a real President, as well as a real veteran who also opposed war.

"Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revelutionists and rebels - men and women who dared to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion." - Dwight Eisenhower (A Republican back when it meant something)

You ask me to talk to the sons and daughters of those placing the lives in peril for us. I do one better...I talk to the ones who have gone, done their duty, and returned home wounded in ways you can't even imagine. It's my job, it's my passion, and it's my sacred duty. Your mouth moves mightily in cheerleading this disaster and say that it's worth any cost others are willing to pay. I see the cost in tears, pain, and destroyed young lives day in and day out and see no glory in it at all.

You talk to me of God? Yeah, I hear prayers all the sobs and screams.

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