Saturday, June 24, 2006

History books are the best books humans write. I wish I could somehow read the history books published in 2025, but there may not be a 2025. I love history and the inventor of history.

There is only one book from God, the inventor of history, and it is the most hated book on this planet at the present time. You know which book that is; don’t even have to name it. I wonder what my creator thinks of the coreann? To possess a bible in saudia arabia is a serious crime. Likewise the Bible is banned in over half of the world's nations. It is still legal to possess a Bible in America. So I have the opportunity to read the history book written by the creator of history. Thank God. Reading the Bible does not make me want to go out and butcher muslims and jews.

From my reading of history books two things become clear.

If you sit down and talk with your enemy publicly; sign pacts, treaties and such, you are the dupe. All of those transparent minglings’ are just that ‘dupe sessions’. It would be nice if President Bush would refrain from using the word, transparency.

There is very little transparency in our own nation. It took several years and thousands of workers to create the war ending atom bombs, but no one knew about it, until they were used. We are not transparent with our defensive weapons or offensive weapons. I am glad of that, and if the new york times will refrain from disclosing the secret ways we are fighting terrorism, we may win the war.
The person who leaked that information to the nytimes should be in shackles in a dark cell somewhere, awaiting execution. Yes, even if it was Senator Jay Rockerfellow, who I suspect is the traitor who leaks to the nytimes.
I am shocked that there are not enough real men to put a stop to the treachery of the new york times. I want to see the new york times out of business. I urge everyone to divest their financial portfolio of any business that is owned or influenced by the new york times. I'm researching the paper, and where they get their money and what companies they own.
Treason is a serious charge, but what is it when a newspaper publishes information that warns our enemies exactly how we are tracking them down? They have done it twice recently and many times in the past 5 years. And don't forget they published unfounded rumors, some told by seven year old boys about supposed Marine atrocities in Iraq. There is no doubt in my mind that the rumors are a complete fabrication of the new york times, time magazine and other traitors. If there were real men in America, that yellow rag would have been closed down long ago. It makes me wish the times building would have been on the terrorists list of buildings to fly into back in 2001, but then why would terrorists attack a friend?

Neville Chamberlain, believed in transparency, Hitler used knew how to use transparency, but relied on secret pacts to succeed. And he was successful until America entered the WWII….don’t ever forget that Europe.

There are those who at this moment are busy rewriting history. For example, most of the slaves of islam in iran believe there was no Holocaust. WHAT?

How is it the word holocaust brings up one historical fact to almost all people, even the ones who deny it? Holocaust is a word that no one used in everyday speak, until the ovens, gaschambers and mass graves were discovered. There is solid evidence as to the holocaust's veracity.

Transparency, your enemy may sit down at a table and talk, but it is the talk that is going on behind your back….that will kill you. I'm sharing some of the talk going behind our backs by the nutjobs of islam, the iranian power brokers. The iranian people are for the most part a hard working decent bunch, but they are enslaved by radical islam. They too need real men who will rise up to the occasion.

Western Europe is busy as you read this, creating WWIII. No, it will not be a worldwar that America starts, WWIII will be as usual started by the warmongers of Europe. As usual, Europe will start the WW, and will plead with America to help. "Oh, but they are so peaceful, and hate violent nations like America" you say.
They are secretly dealing with iran, syria, and other terrorist nations, while claiming transparency.

This short video I link to, is chilling if you care about America. The arrogance of these killers.....they say we could never find their weapons of mass destruction if they wanted to hide them in the deserts of iran. Put your thinking caps on folks.

Turn up the hearing aide frenchiefrog, and listen up germ...germ...german, WE AIN’T GONNA HELP YOU THIS TIME, WE ARE BUSY TRYING TO STAY ALIVE.

America ends war, history records that, and Americans are proud of it. No rewrite of history will erase the facts. My uncles told me of the last world war, and there were other real history facts, handed down about grandfathers in the First World War. And knowing you would be bored, I won’t take the time to tell you about my ancestors and the things they did to stay alive while fighting in the most ferocious war ever waged, the Civil War.

Many of the members of my family tree shed blood to end slavery. That was blood well spent.

Stay with me now, ……………..not all spilled blood is well spent.

Yes, a few on the family tree fought on the losing side in the Civil War, and spilled blood……..that blood was spilled in ignorance or malice, and is not revered except by a few mental midgets in pickup trucks with the confederate flag on the bumper, or window.

I challenge you to look at the following pictures and the video. These pictures were some I captured off of an internet site that no donkeycrat would visit, but it is a useful tool, if you want to know history as it is happening. The history going on behind your back in secret.
Oh, I feel another truth washing over my conscience, liberal donkeycrats would not like to spend time witnessing the truth….they are busy with transparency.

I’ve got your transparency libs.

Here are a few frames from an actual iranian tv program, with English subtitles.

Here is a link to a transcript of the video


And here is the link to the actual tv broadcast



Blogger AubreyJ said...

Good post WL...
While one is at the site... look for the cartoons that they show the children over there about Israel. Some of the speeches on that site will give you the chills too.

Now... a month or so ago... I e-mailed them to get permission to use one of those cartoons on my site...

Never got an answer back.

Blogger web_loafer said...

aubreyj, I linked to some of those cartoons at one of my other blogs, it is so sad to know that the children of islam are being raised to kill, not love. And since the decedant WEST has decided to abort millions of babies, the muslim world could swamp our world with warriors at any time.
Europe has less than a decade to reverse the trend that I see. Europe needs millions of workers for it's factories so they beg muslims to come work.
We have our own problem, and open our borders so that our factories can find workers.
Our American Family Tree is not branching out. It is being chopped down by liberal think. I admit I am part of the child is a small contribution, I love her, but there should have been 6 or 7 little webloafer's growing up to love America. No one wants to talk about this problem. I'm sorry America.

You know what I enjoy......? There is a family dear to my family that is Christian, Patriotic and Large. One husband and wife have given America several Marines, and lots of hard workers.

I will not be sending any money to Red China this year...for fireworks. I plead with everyone else to quit supporting the Red China Military Machine.

No firecrackers..

I may stop by one of those small firework stands that the Boy Scouts run and ask for information as to how I can help the Boy Scouts without supplying my nations enemies with more weapons.

I suspect there are many more who are of the same mind in America.

It does seem stupid to celebrate the date of our independence by sending money to our ememies......

And I love fireworks, but enough is enough.

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