Monday, June 12, 2006
Why I've had no time to blog
What a Week…..well, actually eight days…Lord’s Day to Lord’s Day. Two Lord’s days, and six other unimportant days.

10 count them….TEN GOSPEL MEETINGS.

I was able to get to 9 of them….I wish I had of been able to have been at all 10 of them…

I missed one because I was sleeping off the effects of a medical procedure

, BIBLE Meetings; are probably the greatest factor in the creation of such a BLESSED NATION AS AMERICA. Let me give you a quick history lesson…….

Before the Christians set sail on those little frail ‘barks’ to AMERICA, they had gospel meetings, and prayer meetings and they hugged the relatives they left behind, with tearful joy……telling them….they would send for them later, when they reached the promised land.

It was not brave muslims trusting in allah to get them across the uncharted oceans to the promised land in tiny bark boats, that made America the most desired place to live upon God’s created Earth,

(Take a little time and read some history about those pilgrims who risked all to get to a place that they could worship God, without government interference)

no, muslims worship a god of hate, who wouldn’t have time to direct people to a promised land……Christians worship a God of LOVE, For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, SHOULD NOT PERISH, BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE.”

It was CHRISTIANS…..who made this nation I love, great, so that is why I take time to go to Gospel Meetings to learn more about the God who created all, and has blessed this nation I love. Tell me of one nation that allah has blessed? There are none. Most of allahs slaves live in poverty, filth and ignorance….and will never have more than the crumbs of islam…….

My God, thought all of history out before you learned to think. He set riches beneath the sands of islam……..and gave them the easy path to brotherhood and sisterhood, but the butchers of islam, the ones with the big knives….took all of the riches and bought more weapons to kill………..they seek to kill all of the Godly, whom they call infidels. Almost all of allahs slaves live in poverty and filth….the women are less than dogs, and the slaves go to prayer, scared…..yes you heard me and you know it’s true…..allah demands scared slaves….prostrating themselves 5 times a day to a man….and the memory of a man.

I can pray anytime, anywhere to a God, a God who created all, and gave all he possessed, “His Begotten Son” for me……… that I could live forever with Him. He doesn’t need to tempt me with the lusts of this earth, and promises of sex in the hereafter………..what a joke islam is……if all my God offered was 72 virgins in the hereafter……I’d not be too anxious to get there, yet islam keeps billions of people scared, dumb, poor, filthy and doomed. It is a work of the Devil.

When I go to prayer to my Creator, God, Lord and Saviour, I go there with confidence that He loves me, and wants the best for me….He doesn’t ever demand I strap explosives around my teenager’s torso, and send him or her out to kill………just to obtain 72 virgins………

Think this out folks……a God that promised sexual pleasure……is a God that I want no part of. Sure God made men and women differently, and made a wonderful way of procreation…..but do I want to go to an orgy in the sky??????????????????????????

No way, I want to sit at the feet of the one who gave his life so that I could live forever with the creator of all…… a son……of God.

Perversion…..that is what islam is……perverts directing all young people to Hell, and there will be no orgies in Hell either…

Sick, sick twisted Godless perverts…..and history is replete with proof that the human founder of islam was nothing more than that, a human.

God loves even the slaves of islam, and I try so very hard to obey my Heavenly Father, and love my enemies……….it’s hard.

The one true God, who made everything you can think of…… a God of Love……….and his CHILDREN ARE SERVANTS, NOT SLAVES……WE SERVE GOD BECAUSE WE WANT TO…..SERVE A GOD WHO LOVED US SO.

Nothing will ever change history; it is what it is……

If you are not afraid of history
, you are probably a Republican, a conservative and possess more common sense then the complete faculty and administration of Harvard University, Yale and Rutgers combined.

I’m serious folks, it isn’t the Intelligencecy, the illuminati, or the Democrats that have made America Great… was, is and will always be until driven completely away…………..GOD THAT MADE AMERICA GREAT.

God made America great, and there is no way an atheistic, socialist or humanitarian movement could ever create a Nation on the Hill, like America.

Cuba? Mogadishu? North Korea? Venezuela or China?

I just named 5 godless places, where would you rather live? In one of those 5, or America?

So, I go to Gospel meetings, sit there and learn about why I am so blessed, and yes, I listen to someone show from the Gospel, how I have disappointed my Saviour, and what I must do to be saved.

In the next few blog articles I am going to tell you about the evangelist who visited Kansas City, and the Church of Christ I attend, and spoke so clearly of what one must do to obtain eternal life. He was a great man of God from the state of Oklahoma.

I am going to call him the ‘Will Rogers of the Gospel’. He looks like the late Will Rogers, and is a powerful speaker, but he is no actor like Will Rogers was……He is a minister of the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

Yet, no one could go to sleep in a Gospel Meeting where he speaks. He is one of the most powerful speakers I have ever listened too, and so I want to reach back into history and grab a few Will Rogers quotes…..

They are not spiritual quotes, but they are Oklahomian……….

My stupid Word Spell says that Oklahomian is not a word, well it is now BILL GATES. Nah nah nah na nah na.

Here are a few choice Will Rogers quotes…..

Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
Will Rogers

Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.
Will Rogers

Everything is funny, as long as it's happening to somebody else.
Will Rogers

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.
Will Rogers

To Continue Reading More of Will Rogers, much more..........


Blogger Jilian Burgess said...

So, I'm pretty intimidated to comment on your blog. Your writing is very...intense. Bottom line, I agree with your entry (Praise our God of love), but we have to remember to "Accept each other as Christ accepted you" Romans 15:7 You also might be inspired by Acts 10:28, Matthew 7:1&2 and 1 John 4:7. Don't be offended but your post reminded me of 1 Peter 3:15-16. Don't bite my head off, but I'm adding you to my prayers.

Blogger Jay said...

Not to disparage your beliefs, but I read a little history myself. Those Pilgrims you talk of were fleeing other Christians...who had the mindset that Muslims have today; that religion should rule and belief be a matter of law rather than faith. This country became great not because of a particular religion, but because all are allowed their own choice.

Blogger web_loafer said...

anyone who would wade through that long post deserves a medal.

I always consider suggested verses from the Bible. It is the one book that brings joy, hope and even prosperity. Thanks for adding me to your prayers, I need them. I'm in the twilight of my life, nearing my given days, and yet, God is still working on me.

I guess most of the underlining bitterness you have detected in my rants, is simply this.

I see God being driven out of one of the nations that has been blessed because of it's reliance on God, and love for his Son, Jesus Christ.

I still will listen if someone can name me a nation where all of the people have benifited by Islam.

Yes, Jay, and I intend to see that this nation never becomes muslim, because they think infidels have no right to worship or live. To ignore the threat of islam to civilization is to doom your grandchildren for sure, and perhaps your children. We are so good at putting a bandaid on a problem and leaving it for someone else to correct. That is why I respect our leader in Washington, he isn't there to be popular, he is battling for our children, JAY, think beyond the box of today, someone someday will have to stand up to the hordes of islam. China built a great wall to keep the it's enemies out, it worked.

Blogger Jay said...

I'd rather my children didn't get themselves shot in a war that some lying president got us into....and can't figure out how to fight. I'll always fight to have the freedom of my beliefs (and yours too, believe it or not); but I won't kill in the name of Christ, or Bush, or any fanatical follower of either. THAT is what differintiates me from a religious it Muslim or Christian, they pretty much are the same through history.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I rather my children didn't live in a world where terrorist fly planes into skyscrapers just to kill infidels. Where terrorists hack the heads off of innocent men and women, film it and brag about it to the world. I haven't noticed many Christian psychopath's in Kansas, oops not so, Al Gores buddy Fred Phelps is a psychopath, not a killer but nutso just the same. Want the links to the stories of Gores campaign swing through Kansas where he solicited and received campaign money from Fred Phelps. Fred ran for office in Topeka once as a Democrat, and thankfully he lost.
It's a crazy world Jay, but real Christians are not hatemongers or warmongers, but we will defend this nation we built, the one God has blessed so, because of Christians.

I know you're probably in a deep funk since all of the good news for America has happened lately.

Don't worry, Cheer up, there will be more bad days for our troops, president and America, so you can get back to cheering for the other side.

Blogger Jay said...

Sometimes you suprise me when you go for personal slams. I guess it shouldn't but that old bleeding heart liberalism puts me off guard into thinking reasonable people can reasonably disagree; and maybe even find some common ground. You've always had my respect. I thought I had yours as well.


Blogger Cindy said...

All I am going to say is what a great post!!!

God Bless you and yours,
With Love in Christ,

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, I don't consider my remarks too far off base. No one from the left has had a good thing to say about America in the last 6 years. Our troops kill the most brutal man alive, not a kind word for the left. Our presidents aide is cleared of any wrong doing, the economy is roaring, not a good word. 5,000,000 new jobs since 2001, a 13% rise in revenue to the federal government, new homes sales at record levels. Minority home ownership up would think the left could say one nice thing about America. I haven't heard a peep about the fact that we have escaped another terrorist attack.
But let one or two of our soldiers treat a vicious killer a little rough, and all you talk about for months, scratch that, all you talk about for YEARS is how evil our soldiers are.
There are more nice things I could mention.....all ignored by the left.
The gloom and doom and the antiAmerican rhetoric of the left is getting on my nerves.....

Say something nice about America, just once, you might like the feeling of pride in your country.

It would do you good.

If you ain't cheering for America to win in Iraq, defeat terrorism and continue to lead the world in economic growth, In essence you are cheering for the other side.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate, ignorance, discrimination, arrogance, ethnocentricism...You give Christians and Americans a bad name.

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