Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Anonymous Peace said...

I disagree with almost everything you blog, but I know the emotions behind this simple post of yours. I gave up blogging and just read blogs. Ran across your blog in a few link backs track backs and some comments at other blogs.

If we can't all greive together, we cannot live together.

No son or daughter of America should be treated like those two brave KIDS.

You see, it is the children that are putting it on the line for us older, richer, fatter cowards.

I don't want a killer to hijack a plane I am on, and fly it into a building, and I wouldn't want my son or daughter to be tortured, and beheaded and thrown on a street in Baghdad and gasoline poured on the dead body and set afire, just to bring more pain to the parents of such a brave boy.

We must stop bickering and all fight this evil.

I love peace, would never interrupt peace, and I fear the most peaceful nation in the world, America, is about to lose it all because of peace seeking people. I can't fight, but I remember hearing people telling me about how brave my Grandfather was, how he helped defeat the Nazi's, but he wouldn't talk about it. Wish he had of told me more. I'm a peacenik webloafer, but it hurts me too, to think what those two men went through. They volunteered, yes, I think it is time for all of us Americans to stand up together. United, like in United States of America

Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Was it worth it?

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