Thursday, June 22, 2006
watchin' ya

This is chapter one.
Before the crying……let’s laugh a little. You will enjoy this Java Applet; it is a funny one, a thought provoking one, and one that will lead into a series of blog articles of a much more serious nature. So go to this website and enjoy eyeballs looking at you. Most of my readers won’t be upset by a hundred eyeballs, eyeing them……love you all.

Kinda makes you dizzy doesn't it? BUT, See the cursor in the middle of the 100 eyes, that is jack murtha, the turncoat: The turncoat congressman, who should be the one in Camp Pentleton's brig, in shackles, but once again......that story is forthcoming, we all need to have a little, trying to escape the hundred eyeballs.

You can’t get away traitor…….too many eyes are on you now, you called our soldiers killers.

I have given you ample time to call the dogs that tortured and mutilated two American soldiers, and bragged to the muslim world about what they did, to call them evil. You haven’t, so I assume you are waiting for the apropos time to blame President George Bush.. You suddenly lost your voice murtha the Murderer…..yes, murtha the murderer, you are strengthening the resolve of those that torture and mutilate our sons……not one word from your snake like mouth has been uttered to succor the hurt families. We won’t forget your treason, or that of your buddies in crime…..Like Nancy Pelosi
who almost magically had a relative receive millions of dollars from the largesse of the Defense Budget us lowly taxpayers pay, all at your direction…yeah you the big bad congressman. Your crimes are worthy of the front page, but that won’t happen. But don't forget traitor, you cannot escape the eyes of the internet.

And murtha the murderer, don’t even bother, to call up the inventor of the internet, Al Gorey for advice on how to escape scrutiny. You are a crook, and yes most congress people are, but that is small potatoes compared to the crime you are quilty of: betraying your country. You are a traitor, and why wasn't it you in the HumVee in north Baghdad when your buddies the terrorists overwhelmed two real men. You are not a man.

Yes I’m hot……….and won’t cool down until all of the traitors are dealt with.
I imagine some of you will realize the meaning of my focus on eyes.........I am too upset to go on, eyes........If you were being tortured and knew you were going to die, wouldn't you want to take one last glimpse of the killers..........the dogs of islam.........the ones who should not be breathing, you know, murtha's bud's................
When the bragging photos and videos show up on algores invention the internet, of the butchering of our nations two heros...........picture murtha the murderer there beside the killers......for that is where he stands. Time for action folks........
He ain't no friend of America.........he ain't nothing but grabbing scum....


Blogger Jay said...

Speaking of traitors...the Senate had a vote the other day affirming that no amnesty would be offered to terrorists in Iraq who tortured and killed U.S. troops. Do you know the names of those that voted against this measure?

Isn't it a strange world these days when being against having soldiers die for no good reason is considered treason but giving amnesty to those who kill our soldiers is patriotic? I guess that's what you get when a decorated war veteran is called a coward while a alcoholic deserter is called a great war leader.

Blogger web_loafer said...

To get my info, I go to the official senate website.....not the daily kos or

On a senate appropriations bill yet not voted for 2 admendments were voted attached addressing your so called issue.

You have wrong information just like our dear senate. Media hype......that is what they voted on. No one ever suggested that amnesty be given. It was yet another LIE BY OUR MEDIA, the MSM that is.

I addressed this concern, and gave a link to the Defense Minister in Iraq quite heatedly telling a info babe of the liberal left that there was never anything said about granting amnesty as rumored.

It would be like the Lawrence City Council passing a law stating that no one who openly barbques puppies shall be given probation.

No one in in Lawrence barbques dogs,at least I don't think so, but because of the law......everyone would think there are a lot of puppies being barbqued in Lawrence.

I challenge you to read and listen to my article of a few days past.

The bill the admendment is attacked to hasn't been voted on yet.


And to boot, I think there are many traitors of both political parties in the senate.

Next bogus issue?

Blogger web_loafer said...

I'm sorry about the spelling and grammer errors in my last comment. I just got up and my fingers aren't awake.

The article of mine I referred to, was my June 17th article called, Nixon Deja Vu.

Read and listen to it Jay.

Blogger Jay said...

Sometimes I feel sorry for all the frantic spinning you have to do to calm your morals. It must get dizzy at times.

I have no idea what a kos is, I just got my info straight from the source. Here, I'll quote it for you.


(a) Findings.--Congress makes the following findings:

(1) The Armed Forces of the United States and coalition military forces are serving heroically in Iraq to provide all the people of Iraq a better future.

(2) The Armed Forces of the United States and coalition military forces have served bravely in Iraq since the beginning of military operations in March of 2003.

(3) More than 2,500 members of the Armed Forces of the United States and members of coalition military forces have been killed and more than 18,000 injured in operations to bring peace and stability to all the people of Iraq.

(b) Sense of Congress.--It is the sense of Congress that--

(1) the Government of Iraq should not grant amnesty to persons known to have attacked, killed, or wounded members of the Armed Forces of the United States; and

(2) the President should immediately notify the Government of Iraq that the Government of the United States strongly opposes granting amnesty to persons who have attacked members of the Armed Forces of the United States."

19 Senators, all Republican voted against this specific measure. I recognize McCain's name among them...I suppose you think he's a traitor too since he cowardly fought in a war rather than bravely sit at home and cheer for one.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, it impossible to converse with someone who won't listen. There was never a plan by the Iraqii's to grant amnesty to anyone who killed American soldiers........can you listen........


19 Senators had sense enough to see that it was like asking someone....."have you stopped beating your wife, yes or no?"

Go listen to the recording I linked to, it is from a live program on it should not offend you.

Last response to your comment Jay, you can have the last word now.....

Blogger Jay said...

Though you may think people listen through you telepathic brain via the tinfoil on your head...all I can really do at this end is read. What I do read is that Congress wanted to declare that amnesty would never be an option as suggested by Iraqi national security adviser Mowaffak al-Rubai last week. 19 Republican Senators didn't think that passing a resolution stating that our troops are serving heroically and that the US strongly opposes amnesty for terrorists was a good idea.

These are facts. Unlike your rant world in which decorated combat veterans are cowards and those who sit at home and get excited with other people killing and dying are brave patriots. The truth means something. It means something to veterans who understand what war really is about, it means something to patriots who understand what their country really is about, and it means something to Christians who understand the words of Christ and follow them rather than use the religion for their own brand of twisted hatred against their fellow humans.

I sometimes think that you are joking with what you write....and I sometimes am repelled by the darkness in your soul.

Mostly I pity you.

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