Saturday, June 17, 2006
ruckta riversda

Truck drivers bring you…

Everything you can see around you as you sit at your computer. Look around now my friend, what are you surrounded by that was not at one time on a truck, driven by one of Americas most despised workers.

Admit it, you don’t like trucks or
truckdrivers…..but….you love everything they brought you.

I’m going to brag a little…

But first we must forget all of the good things truckers do and dwell on the bad things the uneducated truckdrivers brought about. ????

Truck drivers are masters at separating the visual from the audio world. If anyone on the road has the right to listen to loud music while driving, it is the truck driver.

Here is a thought that runs through many truck drivers minds as we mingle our rolling 40 tons amongst the cool boys of the city, the ones with the 4 banger Honda’s, yes, with the expensive exhaust system that makes them sound just a little better than a Maytag Washing Machine. The one’s with the $1,800 stereo system with Honda rattling power.

Ahhh, I have never had a mirror on my truck rattled by the low frequency idiocy….called rap in the city.
Loud, Loud? You want loud music…music that rattles the rear view mirrors?

There is no RapMobile that can rattle my mirrors….and I can comfortably listen to Merle Haggard while your little Hondu is mesmerizing the other idiot 4 wheelers.

Those beginners on the road always look as stupid as my ICC bumper.

Picture this….a convoy of souped up Cool Honda’s in front of one (1) rolling 40 ton truck….just for reference, let’s say 50 Cool Honda’s are parading in front of a loaded lumber truck…

What would happen if the Cool Cat in the Lead Honda slammed on the brakes of that little 3/8th of a ton Honda to avoid a soiled diaper that some urban idiot up ahead threw out the window of their ’82 Chevy Caprice….????

When the lead low seater slammed on the brakes……..
What would happen next?

It wouldn’t be pretty….how many Honda’s would that 40 ton truck drive over before stopping?

(hey coooooool boy, sit up straight, turn your hat around 180 degrees so that it can be used properly, look at the road, turn the music down so that you can hear the crunching of your little 4 cylinder Honda with the extra loud exhaust, because you were cool but not smart.)

I love to direct low seaters to the ditch…..anyone who lays down to drive on my highways….should end up in a ditch……of course I hope they would not be hurt….but I wish total hurt to their pride.)

I don’t listen to much loud music, but I have the radio in my truck on at all times.

(with one exception….when backing up….when you back an 18 wheeler, a good driver turns the radio off, rolls the window down, adjusts the mirrors if needed, and proceeds with caution, for this is the most dangerous time of a truck drivers workday….not because the driver doesn’t know how to back up safely… is a precaution taken to prevent the pancaking of lowriders and lowseaters.)

It’s the paper work. Out on the road there is no paper work required after nudging an idiot off of my roads……but in the city…..where truckers may need to back up…..there are lawyers around with video cameras.

Even while the radio is on in my truck, I also make sure to have an overly squelched CB on, just in case.

….but for the most part, my audio world is the FM/AM radio. Yes, there is a cassette tape deck that works good, but I only have 75 cassette tapes, and I spend at least 40 hours each week directing 80,000 pounds of freight down the road, so do the math, it is not a weeks worth. What about the next week??

Yes, I love to listen to Tanya, Merle and Sara, but after I have memorized all of those 75 tapes….there is still highway to burn up……..

So, I fiddle with the radios in my truck…..My AM radio cannot pull a signal out of space after I leave the big city……and the FM is not much better, but who in their right mind wants FM music????

Can you say payola? If you select a station on your FM to save……you’ll soon tire of that sold out radio stations selection of the 14 songs they will play over and over and over and over.

Thank God for TALK RADIO, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and other talkers. America is a greater country because of these talkers.

I got sidetracked big time…..I guess the political will have to wait.


Anonymous truckinand said...

Really doubt anyone in charge knows pig latin. Ejoyed this, please visit my truck driving blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fist of all, the roads aren't YOUR exclusive property. Secondly, having to work with truck drivers every day it's been my experience that, with very rare exception, truck drivers are the most over paid least intelligent human beings on the planet. If you were paying attention in your training and were following the laws you wouldn't run over ANY 4 wheelers no matter how many slammed on their brakes in front of you.
If you think there aren't video cameras and lawyers on the open road then you deserve to loose your rig, house, and overpaid job to a law suit. If you're running 80,000 lbs of freight then you're grossly over weight and deserve to loose your lecense. Not everything gets shipped by trucks. Ever heard of railroads?
Do you realize that if it weren't for those "idiots" in 4 wheelers buying the crap you haul that you'd be out of a job and unable to do anything else?
Do you realize that their tax dollars go to building and maintainin the very roads you tear up? Yes, you too pay taxes to maintain the roads but your overweight rig does 1000 times the damage their vehicles do to the roads. Are you paying 1000 times the taxed they are?
Before you start pointing out other's annoyances you'd best check out your own idiocy.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks for reading anonymous.....and thanks for the brillant think peice. I may never be as smart as you, but they are my roads are there because I allow you there. Plain, simple, my roads. Enjoy your sardine can with souped up maytag motor.

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