Saturday, June 17, 2006
Nixon Déjà Vu
It’s nothing new to me: getting sidetracked. Yesterday was one of those brutal truckdriving days, perhaps that is what caused the sidetrack. Even while hurrying home from work, there was already a blog article in my mind that needed to be written and published. The blog article was to be about GOOD NEWS IN IRAQ. Good news that was broadcast live on a nationally syndicated program ‘The World’.

'The World' is one of those liberal artsy fartsy fm programs, a joint media venture between BBC and a taxpayer supported radio station in Boston. If that doesn’t scare a person away, nothing will. "I know, I know" you are wondering what webloafer was doing listening to such garbage? It is broadcast on the only station the radio in my truck can pick up….when driving in a certain area of my daily route; so that is how this came to my attention.

I have noticed that public radio fm and am stations are given the clearest signal on the broadcast band. At anytime during my workday, I can dial in a government sponsered liberal NPR station, but I cannot get a station with the talk shows I really want to listen know...Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Glen Beck unless I am in Kansas City. Who hands the frequencies out? And why should the stations dishing out socialistic drivel be given such a clear signal? Back to my tale.

Whoa….there on the radio was the ‘Boston Liberal Lady’, Lisa Mullins, interviewing live, none other than Iraq’s National Security Advisor, Mouwafak al-Rubaie, the person directing Security and Defense in Iraq, and answering directly to the Prime Minister of Iraq. This man has an awesome and difficult job, but I think the right man was chosen. Here is a link to the interview….well what NPR/PRI allowed to be rebroadcast. What was all planned out to be a media ambush, turned out to be a lesson in liberal stupidity, and how it is detached from reality. Lisa has an agenda, and won't listen to the answers to the loaded questions she is asking. She tries to paint Mouwafak al-Rubaie a liar or lackey........but she fails; bigtime.


Go listen to this six minute interview and your heart will be touched, and you will know IT IS WORTH IT, Iraq is worth the blood sweat and tears. I know it is easy for one with nothing personally risked to be upbeat, but do me a favor, listen to this…….no,I have no son or daughter there, but listen up, PLEASE.


Lisa Mullins has one of those syrupy sweet voices, but big lib Lisa could not hide her disgust as the interview progressed. This man was more than a match for the elite liberal lady. This man speaking to her in his second language handed Lisa more than she could handle. This was not the way 'The World' wanted this exclusive live interview to come down. After all, what chance would any Iraqi official have of surviving Lisa's well polished adversarial and aggressive style of questioning???? I mean, like, Lisa graduated with honors from the 'Helen Thomas School of Bigotry'.


Someone may know more about this than me, but I wonder?

When a public radio station airs a live broadcast, aren’t they required to keep records, transcripts, tapes or files of the actual broadcast? For the taxpayers record? Isn’t it a crime to delete some of what should be a public accessible record? People still talk about the 'Nixon tapes' and the missing minutes of one tape, and that was way back in the 70's. I would think just like the nixon tapes, all taxpayer paid for media, and even presidential conversation would be available to any hard working taxpayer upon request.

Sunshine, I think they call it sunshine.

I imagine the Freedom of Information Act should cover this, and I will use the FIA, if I have too. I know, I know the FIA is for the ACLU and the Liberal Media.......can't a peon truckdriver use the act?

After getting home from the daily drive, finding a record of this incredible interview was priority one. Surely there was a readily available transcript..? There was, but when played, there was about 45 seconds missing from the MP3 file that was put up on the web. What??? This mp3 was missing the best part of the interview. It was presented to the public as the actual broadcast in MP3 form…It wasn’t. It wasn't some of the beginning of the interview that was missing, or some of the ending of the was missing content in the actual interview. It is a case of either the gov censoring, or the Boston Liberals scrubbing the interview, because Lisa Mullins was handed her lunch by a real man in Iraq telling the truth. Which was it the gov or libs?

Webloafer heard the original live broadcast, so I know what was asked and what was answered, that somehow disappeared from public record. What was deleted or scrubbed was shocking, and no, there is no way webloafer was hallucinating, because he was driving a 40 ton truck 60 mph down some skinny, county road in Missouri. So listen to the interview that was listed as a record of the interview….then I’ll tell you what was censored or scrubbed. I googled left and right, up and down trying to find a complete transcript or mp3 with no success. What's up? No one heard what I heard, and spoke about it. Something as great as this interview should have been one of the top stories of the day….not so.

NPR or PRI will screw this link up, so hurry up, before they destroy the evidence. (I have a copy of the scrubbed interview, but I want the original)


OK, I decided to delay telling you about the missing question and answer….let’s make it a contest,

250 Blog Explosion credits
to anyone coming up with the missing 45 seconds of that interview……it must be a transcript or link to a MP3 file I can download. Yes 250 credits, HELP me find it and the 250 credits are yours.

When you listen to Ms Elite liberal asking questions in this interview, you too will notice the traps set by the liberal lady, that fell flat. Listen closely and you will have proof that the taxpayers of the USofA are being bilked out of money to support liberal drivel like this. My taxes used to disrepect a good man like you'll hear. Ms Liberal got paid handsomely for being so condesending and RUDE. I still want the whole interview......

I finally found a blog article that referred to the question and answer, but I want the actual interview.

Déjà Vu

If you haven't listened please listen to this interview


Blogger web_loafer said...

Whoops, when I mentioned yesterday in this article, I was refering to June 15, 2006. It now is the day before yesterday.

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