Monday, June 19, 2006
How is your Monday going?
So you’re having a bad Monday? Have a lot on your mind? Worried about the price of gasoline for your SUV? Wondering which restaurant you will eat at this evening?

U.S. Army Spc. Caleb Joye, of Manning, South Carolina, smokes a cigarette while resting on the roof of a house in Ramadi, 115 kilometers (70 miles) west of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, June 19, 2006. Hundreds of U.S. and Iraqi troops pushed into an eastern section of Ramadi, one of Iraq's most violent cities, the latest step in a campaign to gradually bolster their presence in city neighborhoods that for months have largely been under insurgent control. (AP Photo/Jacob Silberberg)

I am sourcing this photo, but I will not follow the AP’s directions…….the AP says I can’t use this photo……I am saying to AP……you would never have been able to take this picture without taxpayer money protecting your bigoted behinds.
Am I supposed to believe the AP, somehow ended up on this rooftop in enemy controlled territory without the help of taxpayers?
So I have no qualms about using it.
Hey AP; if you want to deny taxpayers the right to use the pictures you take, go take the pictures on your own…..

Fly to the war zone on commercial aircraft….which would mean flying to Jordan and taking a bus to Baghdad, enjoy the ride…….When you get to Iraq, find your own hotel room, food and entertainment. Taxpayers are getting sick and tired of wasting money on the clueless and unpatriotic dropouts from reality, called the media. If you want to get to the battlefront, take a taxi, instead of a safe ride in a humvee driven, and protected by the same soldiers you slander day in and day out. Protect your own sorry behind bigot. Then maybe I’ll respect your request to not copy…..or rebroadcast. I figure this photo cost taxpayer money and warrior blood… stick it media bigot. NO, you can’t have it both ways media….do it on your own….if you want it done. Again, I consider this a taxpayer photo… buzz off AP, and hopefully many more will take up this battle against those that slander our wonderful men and women putting their life’s on the line for the USofA.


Blogger jarhead john said...

Outstanding post WL! I'm going to post a link to it.

I've had a heck of a time lately getting your blog to load. Today was the first time in over a week that it worked right for me. Maybe it's an IE thing.

Blogger Sues said...

Great post!! Thanks, I really enjoyed it and hell yes, I agree with you 100%.

Blogger gawfer said...

Well Done!

I like these other Americans agree whole heartedly with you. In fact, I think it was my $5.96 that paid for the film in his camera the day he took that pic!

God bless the families of those fallen heros that faught and died for our right to be free, and God bless the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen that still fight!

Blogger Kelly said...

As a photographer, I'm extremely troubled by your attitude in this. Yes, they're taking advantage of taxpayer money, but so are you. All the time. America's military is always protecting you whether you're aware of it or not.

Why should an artist be denied the benefits of a valid copyright just because he was using taxpayer money? So people who get grants fromt the National Endowment for the Arts should not be allowed to retain their copyrights just because they are using taxpayer money? I think they would rather turn down the endowment.

Not only that, but allowing the media access to the war zones helps with PR, so they're actually providing a valuable service to the military with the taxpayer money.

This post really bothers me.

Anonymous web_loafer said...

Kelly, perhaps you should leave the safety of the media with your talents. If you are a talented photographer, you have a choice, sell out, or create. Yes, I helped pay for a magnicicent military, (Thank you Ronald Reagan), but I don't like my tax money going to turncoats and traitors.....

You can disagree all you want, I know the mind of America, and we are getting sick and tired of turncoats and traitors.

You may be the worlds next greatest photographer, but if you work for CNN, ABC, CBS, New York Times, or are not my friend, for you are working for my countries enemeies.....


You may be decent and good, it would be your employer I have issue with.

If you take a paycheck from the Devil, you are a weakneed American.

Blogger Kelly said...

Actually, I support the current administration. I don't think they're doing a perfect job, but I think the President's job right now is tougher than it's been since Abraham Lincoln or Andrew Johnson were in office. But I don't think that people who criticize the government should lose their property rights because of it. And that's exactly what copyright is--a property right. What you're doing sounds like communism or fascism to me.

I don't mean to call you names or make you angry. I just want you to think again about your attitude on this matter.

Blogger jarhead john said...

Attitude? According to the AP, the brave man in the photo cannot even reproduce it. Do you think he might have a problem with that? I sure as hell would.

Blogger Kelly said...

Maybe attitude was the wrong word (is that a loaded word?). Let's use opinion instead.

I wouldn't have a problem with that. I don't see how that's relevant to your use of the picture (which is stealing, essentially).

Blogger jwemp said...

First of all, let me say that the brave man in the picture is actually my best friend from right down the street. I was totally surprised to find this blog while searching his name on google, so i signed up here just to post. Now, I have a few things to say.

1) Caleb and the other men and women putting their lives on the line would be TICKED OFF to know that there is even an issue over photo copyrights. He is proud as heck to be representing his country, even though he has to keep his guard and his gun up 24 hours a day. Anyone who looks at that picture and sees a COPYRIGHT VIOLATION instead of a brave, out-of-place American soldier needs to check himself.

2) To Jarhead John: yes, Caleb would definitely have a problem with that, except for the fact that he doesnt exactly have time to worry about reproducing pictures because he's too involved with things like returning Iraqi gunfire from his bedroom window at 2 a.m. You make a great point; I just want people to see all aspects of it.

3) To Kelly: who gives a crap? Who are you to set anyone straight? All laws aside, Spc. Caleb Joye of Manning, SC never had a prouder moment than when the whole United States finally got a glimpse of what he was going through. That picture of him is hanging on my living-room wall (reproduced incorrectly, by your standards), and you obviously are too narrow-minded to look beyond the photo paper to see the brain-numbing world that it portrays.

4) Lastly, to web_loafer: Thank you. I know that you didnt start this thread to prove the same point that I did, but you made a great point in your opening paragraph. Caleb would shake your hand and thank you.

Blogger web_loafer said...


Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I meant every thing I wrote about a picture I refused to let go of. Your friend Caleb was caught in a Pulizter Prize Pose, in a place no one except the brave would be.

But what a disconnect between what the press wrote, and what happened.
Both Caleb and the media were there on the taxpayers dime......

It just angers me to know the turncoat media gets protected while writing lies, trash and opinions about our warriors.

I could write a long long short story about the emotions this picture brought to me.....
Someone weighted down with a burden, taking a few minutes to catch a smoke on a rooftop in a warzone.
I didn't say much about how the picture touched me as an American, proud of every young man or woman who risks their life for me.
Then there is the msm

mean spirited media.

There is a blog of lawyers that has taken up the task of condemning me for blogging this photo.

It really is amusing that some lawyers who think they are worth $400 an hour talk down to someone who could run over and completely pancake their 'Beamer'

Hey lawyers lurking at Sanity's Bluff...........

Bring it on............

You will bring your sources down and expose yourself before you

Cowboy Diplomacy is not dead....

It just reloaded.

Thanks again JWEMP.

And I would be honored to shake the hand of a man who risked all for me, and even you.

Caleb is in my prayers even now.

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