Monday, June 05, 2006
DNA Samples Are Needed
Yes, I think we need to exhume the body of a famous General from the past to compare his DNA with the silver haired ex-Marine pictured here with the flag of the country I LOVE.

What do these men have in common that makes me think they are related?

Here is General Benedict Arnold looking longingly toward England while still a commissioned officer in the Continental Army, of the USofA. Old Benedict took a huge sum of money from the enemy to march his troops out of West Point and allow the enemy to take over the fort. It would have been disasterous, but his written plans were discovered on the courier he sent to the enemy, in time to thwart the evil plan. Benedict escaped to England, but had a miserable life after his blood money ran out.
Here is a Dishonorable Representive of Pennsylvania in the USofA Congress. His left hand is making a point....probably trying to convince his constituents that he supports our troops. Yeah, sure.
Here is the Traitor Benedict Arnold looking longingly from his soiled nest, westward toward the America that he betrayed. Benedict was a lonely traitor in his last years of life.....He betrayed the best place upon earth, and had to live in his life in England and Canada. No one in England or Canada trusted him, or would even befriend him. Once a traitor, always capable of betraying again.
Now here is the Dishonorable Representive of Pennsylvania raising his right hand, and calling some of our Marines, 'cold blooded killers'. He has been to too many parties at the Kerry Mansions, he is a traitor too. Look closely at the picture, and you will see a bitter old man, who does not wish that a handfull of our marines be given a fair trial. He has told the world they are cold blooded killers, so that hand he raises has blood on it. In my opinion, the marines are innocent until proven quilty, and there is no quilt in war, it is war, and no war has ever been fought with as little civilian causualites....never....ever. So shut up traiter Murtha.


Blogger jarhead john said...

I'm not sure on this one WL. I know who the silver haired windbag is, but.....

Blogger web_loafer said...

The other soldier's name is often used when talking about betraying ones nation.

Blogger Mike said...

loafer have you ever served?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Mike, What a great 5 word comment. Mike?
Do you even know what to serve is?
I doubt it.

I went through this same scenario of question twice in my blog here. I'll go look up the url for that post, and leave it here in the future, I don't have the time now, but you could search through the back issues of Sanity's Bluff. The answer may surprise you, and you will find some good blogging, maybe even learn something.

There are traitors who have served; there are patriots who could not serve.

I don't wish to know which you are, but your confrontational approach is telling. You have a problem, and I see no merit in dialog with you.

Blogger jarhead john said...

Ahhhhh, gotcha WL. Just never saw a painting or drawing of him before. I guess I had great history books in school huh?

Blogger Jay said... believed in the undisputed power of a king, and the other believes in holding a President accountable to the people he serves.

Not sure I see much similarity here. I do think it is somewhat ironic to have this man...who spent most of his life in service to the Marine Corps, rising through the ranks from enlisted, combat wounded, twice, tireless advocate for veterans...being called a traitor by those who, er, get the picture.

Blogger Mike said...

It was an honest question. I was expecting an honest answer but unfortunately you avoided the question altogether. I could assume with your attitude but to do so would my assumption as uneducated as yours about me serving.

What is suprising is the hypocrisy that has become the Republican party. It is real easy to call yourself a patriot and place that yellow ribbon on your car saying "Support our Troops" and yet at every chance you criticize the service of a man that without doubt loves his country and almost died for it.

When comparing traitors, next time, maybe you should include men who actually betrayed their country.

Blogger prying1 said...

Murtha served in the military. That is an established fact. That does not mean he will forever be unaccountable for past, present and future actions and words.

The man puts the Democratic party ahead of the lives of those serving in the military. Not just the U.S. military but the Iraqi military too. His words have helped to extend the length of the war.

His words give aid and comfort to the enemy. I think we should ship him out to Iraq, give him a soapbox, set him up on a street corner and see how long the enemy lets him preach.

Blogger prying1 said...

And Mike - What does it matter if a person served or not. - Facts are facts. Web Loafer is right whether he served or not...

I served. I was drafted during the final years of the Viet Nam era. My heart and mind was far from the military although my body was in it. So what does that prove.

Facts are still facts and I'm right too.

P.S. Jay - That line is getting old and tired and doesn't even enter into this discussion.

Murpha is undisputedly convicting and condeming Marines before the investigation is finished. That is wrong.

Blogger Mike said...

Murtha is standing up for what he believes is in the best interest of the marines who are dying not because of Murtha but because of Bush.

You and loafer may have forgotten that who sent our troops into battle on a lie (Which is a point we could argue for the rest of our lives).

And my question about service was a simple one. I find it disgusting that someone question the integrity of a man like Murtha.

What is even more ironic is that the Republican party always spoke highly of Murtha, and most still do, until he voiced his concern and beliefs about the war in Iraq.

What hypocrisy.

Anonymous beth said...

Excellent post web_loafer! I think a DNA comparison would be interesting - maybe there's some gene that traitors have in common. I have a hard time following the logic and finding the leaps in logic that bring people to the point they will betray their own people, their own country.

There are a LOT of ways to serve, btw.

To the person who said Murtha was staning up for what he believes - I would say that is believing in himself.

He had a press conference on the 6 month anniversary of his 1st press conference. How weird is that?

Then, he announces he's running for majority leader. He seems clueless that so many are disgusted by him and his actions.

BTW - Just like Kerry, he refuses to release his military records. That's interesting isn't it.

Blogger jarhead john said...

Howdy Mike, let me get this straight:

"You and loafer may have forgotten that who sent our troops into battle on a lie"

What lie? The three biggest intel agencies in the world told our President the same thing (U.S., UK, Russia)

"I find it disgusting that someone question the integrity of a man like Murtha."

So, because he WAS a Marine (I don't count him amongst our ranks anymore), he's beyond question? His spiteful acts are not to be questioned? Get a grip man!

"When comparing traitors, next time, maybe you should include men who actually betrayed their country."

I think WL did exactly that. Murtha is a disgrace. I serve every day, and I wouldn't share a fighting hole with that pig if my life depended on it. He'd just get me killed. He's showed absolutely zero loyalty to his country and Corps. I dunno, maybe, just maybe, he should have waited for the facts before condemning his allegedly fellow Marines?

Your comments are way off, and you offer no insight into your opinion whatsoever. You just claim that Murtha is some sort of saint because he "served." Good for him. He's amongst hundreds of thousands of others. Are they beyong question too? Am I? Are you? I think not.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Mike, although we look at life differently, we are countrymen/countrywomen.
When the chips are down, real men come to the aid of their country.
I know of no real men who trash America. Murtha is looking for a stage, nothing else. He'll get a stage, but it won't be the one he hoped for. He wanted to lead, then he called some of our Marines 'cold blooded killers.'
He's old, so he won't live much longer, and he will never gain another friend in this nation, you don't do what he is doing, unless you have protection. This scumbucket Congressman needs protection now, because he is running, running for office, and he thought it necessary to trash our warriors. Let's get one thing straight, he is a cowardly turncoat, nothing more, maybe less.

No USofA Marine killed in cold blood in Iraq.

War is never cold blooded, this nut case has lost it, war has no killers, just winners or losers, and Murtha is a loser, mark my words, he will win nothing in the future, because he is a loser. If it is Alzheimers.....Get him out of Government, if it is spite, let him feel the wrath of the American people, who don't send sons and daughters half way around the world to kill in cold blood......we are at war whether mr. murtha knows it or not. What a disgrace to my country/

Mortha knows that, he just wants the limelight and a Senator's Job. He has every qualification of a Senator,
Arrogance, in ignoring the populus.
Plenty of people to hide his fraud.
He would make a good Senator, he and Ted Kennedy could party together.
What a sick example of Americanism....Murtha deserves no limelight, he deserves a good spanking from a truck.
I will not sit on the sidelines and let scumbuckets like Murtha trash all that is good about America. This scumbucket Congressman, needs to be a civilian again.....not an elected Congressman. PA.....HEAR AMERICA.....get this scumbag out of office and out of the limelight.

Blogger Jay said...

Why is it an old and tiring line to question why somebody who is a decorated combat veteran is being called a traitor by those whose experience in war doesn't equal a fraction of Murtha's...if at all?

I really want to know.

This is a person who is a friend to veterans. Cares about troops, cares about what they will be asked to give their lives for. Cares in a way that goes way beyond a magnet on ones car or a gif on a blog. He is one of us.

Traitor is a strong word to those that love their country. This man says that it is criminal to waste the sacrifice of young men for politics. This man says that markers in Arlington do not tell whether a person under it is liberal or conservative; that there are no Republican or Democrat wards in our VA hospitals. This is a man that says there are no politics with men who fight war...that is a luxury for us at home, who have a sacred duty to use our troops with wisdom.

When did this belief become treason?

When did standing up for brave young men, who give an oath to serve their country in whatever matter they are commanded, become an act of a coward...while those who sit in safety are elevated to the self described lable of patriot?

Has politics warped us so much? Has it become more important to support a single man than the ideals of a nation? At long last.... have you no shame left at all?

Blogger web_loafer said...

It takes more than soldiers to win wars Jay......and many soldiers (like Murtha)get in the way of victory, after they are no longer personally in danger.
Should all ex-Marines be given carte Blanc to blame military at some distant time? Murtha is a disgrace to the Marine Corp. I don’t care what he, Kerry or McCain did in Vietnam…our nation is in danger now, and these traitors are cashing in on their
past service, while robbing the taxpayers of today, and endangering the citizenry of today, and their children.

….no the big boys of the house and senate are not at risk…….they have Marines protecting them.

Let’s start this saga of webloafer…..back where it all began…….WWII

My mother, who was pregnant at the time, carried me and my twin brother while working long hard hours in a factory building B-25's. That would have been way back in the 1940’s. B-25’s were weapons America needed to win the war we didn’t start, tried to avoid, but finally WON.

She worked right up to delivery time and so things like this were bound to happen:

Even though the war (WWII) had recently ended, all of the good doctors and nurses were overseas still taking care of our fallen warriors.

I don't hold a grudge against the intern who dropped me on the concrete right after my birth.

Yes the truth finally comes out…..”When I was a little bitty baby, my momma dropped me on the pavement….in my….well you know the song”

Yes, I'm crazy and love it. But I have an excuse…….all of the sure-fingered nurses were overseas, helping the wounded soldiers of America, and the tens of millions of refugees and wounded left behind after the victory of GOOD over EVIL.

Basically it all boiled down to AMERICA vs EUROPE. Asia joined in the world war with hopes benefiting from victory, but almost every Asia nation choose the wrong side.
At one time in 1940, it was basically America and Great Britain against the rest of the world.

With the exception of Great Britain and one or two Frenchwomen, ALL OF EUROPE WANTED JEWS TO JUST GO AWAY. THEY DIDN’T WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD THAT HAD JEWISH PEOPLE LIVING IN IT. AMERICA STAVED OFF THE EXTERMINATION OF GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, BUT ONCE AGAIN……..EUROPE IS PLOTTING WAYS TO GET RID OF GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE. Yes the oil money of the Middle East is funding the war against America and Great Britain, but it is the Europeans that are the brains behind the whole affair. Do you think for a moment Germany is helping Isreal, or any Jews stay alive……Europeans hate Jews, and that will never change. They have funneled forbidden weapons, and even nuclear technology into those nations that hate Jews and anyone who would give them the time of day.

Only someone who spends time reading the manual for living, (THE HOLY BIBLE) could understand why I still refer to Jews as God’s chosen people……..

If God choose them, they remain chosen. God never falters changes or errs.
The Jews, trying to live peacefully upon the small piece of earth’s real estate ((Israel))that GOD promised to the Jews, cannot be destroyed. Do you think the creator would let His word be disputed? There are no words thought up, recorded or spoken by any other mind, heart or lips, than God’s word, worthy of putting my trust and faith in. That is why I don’t hesitate to trust and even stake my life on God’s ability to keep His word. He recorded these words about His chosen people….”I will bless them that bless them and curse them that curse them.” Hey that’s enough for me……

Living in the last days will get difficult for those that believe God, but, the rewards of the faithful are something I wouldn’t trade for half of the wealth of this world. Just before the Son of God returns to earth to claim His bride………(the church)………times will be so evil, if you stand for righteousness or goodness………you’ll have to die for your belief. What would you give in return for your eternal soul with the one who created it?

A season of sin?

It matters not if most of the billions living on this planet HATE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, I still want to befriend those that God declared His love for….

Now for a digression…..I have known a lot of Jewish People on a personal level, had a Jewish lover for a short tumultuous time, was offered a leadership role in an Israeli Kibbutz in the 1960’s, so I am not someone to ignore on this subject. Here is my conclusion……Jewish people are some of the hardest people on the planet earth to love, but God loved them so I love them. Difficult?

You don’t know difficult unless you worked for Sophia Perlewitz’s temporary work placement agency. It was a day labour agency, and Sophia personally sent me and many others on a workday journey…All you had to do was show up…..Sophia took care of the rest…...

She would tell me, “John, there is a delicatessen in Brooklyn that needs a dishwasher today…here’s a subway token and directions to get there”

I would follow directions carefully and get on the correct subway lines to hurry up to someplace that needed a dishwasher. Let me tell you, this was a pleasure. After the hard work was over, it was learning time. Webloafer has a big folder in his C Drive, full of memories of those crazy days from the ‘60’s. Very few people have treated me any better than those owners of small delicatessens who paid me every penny Sophia had promised, and most times a little more, fed me and thanked me, for showing up as a fill in dishwasher. You will never find a dirty plate in a Jewish Delicatessen in any of the boroughs of New York City.

Can you grasp my train of thought here, it may be difficult for recent graduates of American pubic schools, to understand this bit of history….Jews are hated by most people in the world, but I have never had a bad experience brought about by a Jew. Jealousy will keep many people from enjoying rubbing elbows with God’s chosen people.
I hope you don’t start hating jews, just because European’s hate them. I could explain at a later time why the frogs and dogs of Europe hate Jews, but here is my stand.

I will try hard to befriend the people that God loved……..more than the perverted Gentiles, of which I am a descendant of….whoops can’t end my sentence with a preposition…………to understand Jews, in NYC in the 1960’s

So to recap….I want to make sure I love the people and things God loves. Is it not clear now to you that the Bible is God’s manual for living……..?

All of what we see happening daily on our TV’s and newspapers, blogs, and internet sites was recorded before the fact.

The whole world may hate Jews and want them dead but they are still living as a litmus test for living.

© Litmus Test for Living

Living because God wants to know who is one His side.

One day, there will be the last war upon this Earth.

Yes, one last battle,

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON??????????????

Now to clarify a few matters of semantics….Jews?

Jews are not privileged anymore, they too have to accept the Messiah their great great great….so on…grandparents crucified 2.000 years ago, accept His grace, forgiveness and eternal life, but they are chosen. They get no, get into heaven free card, and

No blood but the shed blood of the sacrificial lamb JESUS CHRIST can atone for their sins, but if they believe, repent, confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and are baptized in water for the remission of sins……….they can live forever (eternity) with the one who choose them.

Yes, God sent his only BEGOTTEN…. (Which translated correctly means……ALL HE HAD) SON, to one of the billions of galaxies He created to SAVE a few of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.



In that war, even movie stars contributed. Newspaper editors contributed by writing a positive article once in a while.

Children collected junk metal, and milkweed pods. (the milkweed pods were used in life jackets for our warriors)

Everyone sacrificed and worked for the war effort.

Jay, you have not said a good word, or done a good thing for our country in this life or death struggle. You have surrounded yourself with people who hate America, and our military. SO, I won't be answering you or any of your leftist friends from all over the world about my military service.

I guess I had better go back through the archives of Sanity's Bluff and post a link to the answer to all of the leftist's questions about my military service.

Yes, I'll do that in a few weeks, but it is there for you to find.

Jay, I see a lot of your good qualities when you are writing about anything but politics. So, I hold out hope for you to speak out just once and say something nice about America and the warriors protecting us, even as my fingers move across the keyboard of my computer, which by the way is hooked up to the internet.......created and shared with the world by the warriors of AMERICA....kinda brings a lump in the throat of this old truck driver, we owe so much to our warriors in this dangerous world.

If Lawrence Kansas was the scene of the next horrific terrorist attack, I know who you would be wanting to show up...

It wouldn't be a limousine full of US senators, Clinton, Kerry, McCain, with (representatives) Nancy Pelosi

Blogger web_loafer said...

I checked out Mikes blog, and he is silent lately.

You can tell who loves America, in the next few weeks while the USofA's fine men and women warriors make mincemeat out of the islamafacists.....look who smiles and who frowns.... will serve you well to know who loves America and who_________________________

Anonymous PieceofmyHeart said...

So you are a chicken hawk, and want everyone but yourself to fight? Are you Dickie Cheneys twin brother, or jus another Limbaugh Clone?

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