Friday, June 30, 2006
Another Webloafer Solution to a Problem
Consider a few sentences from an AP article By Aaron C. Davis, that clearly illustrates our governments inability to complete even the simplest of tasks correctly. (Can anyone say 'Gulf Coast after hurrican katrina?)

On the deadline to have 2,500 troops along the Mexican border, the National Guard said Friday that only 483 were in position and working with the U.S. Border Patrol as the Bush administration had directed. But Guard officials said more than 2,000 others were somewhere inside the four southwestern border states,
Through initial pay requests filed with the Air Guard and orders filed with the Army Guard, the Guard bureau verified 2,547 troops were in the four border states for the mission, said Daniel Donohue, a spokesman for the National Guard Bureau.
Only 483 were physically on the border, he conceded.

I have the solution and am offering it for free.
President Bush should send troops to our border with Canada. We need them there; we are as vulnerable there as we are down south. Some of you more familiar with my (logic?) have already guessed where I’m going with this thought.
Have the deployment increased on each border to 50,000. Then sometime soon, by closed circuit video, have a General command all of our wonderful troops to “A…BOUT FACE” Yes, that way the troops up in the northern states protecting our southern border would be able to defend our NORTHERN BORDER…..and the ones assigned to protect our northern border who would be really close to our southern border would be able to protect that border.
There is always a workaround when it comes to
the bureaucratic nightmare of Washington D.C.
It’s a good thing bureaucracy is not easier to spell……..that will be the subject of my next blog article.


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