Friday, June 16, 2006
Congratulations Democrats!
Congratulations Democrats, in the last week you have succeeded in driving many people back to the Republican Party, myself included. I will not take the chance of waking up to hear the words…
"Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi".
If Nancy Pelosi should be Speaker of the House in 2007 and a plane with the President and Vice-President was shot down……it would be President Nancy Pelosi.

Of course ten minutes after the annoucement of the tragic airplane crash, Dr. Condi Rice would have to step up to the presidency.

Because, Ms. Botox and Facelift Pelosi from the Gay Bay, would have a heart attack from the thought of sleeping in the White House as president, not as the lap dog of Bill in the 1990’s. Funny how these scenarios scare, amuse and PUMP ME UP.

Yes, I know the President and Vice-President are never on the same airplane, and are not in public much together. Makes sense to me. I just said it to shock you into getting busy to deny the Democrats any say in how this nation is ran or more importantly how we defend ourselves from the enemies who want us dead.

Go down the list of the dinosaur democrats who would head up different committees, and in leadership roles, and it should scare you… does me.

So I am going to grovel a little and pledge that I will work to keep Democrats out of power. It would seem that the Republicans are showing some backbone, and I love it.


Is the Iraq War part of the war on Terror?

This question is probably one Karl Rove suggested needed to be asked at this crucial time in our nations history.

I could think of no more important thing to know than...does that slickhaired, zootsuited and pampered Senator or Rep of yours, think Iraq is the only place upon the earth that has no terrorists? What idiots they are to think we are all idiots.


They know most of us attended the government indoctrination centers and graduated with a dipolma that we couldn't read.....or so they think. Idiots, all. Not us, them. They are:

Wrong.....after we left the schools of America, we did what all Americans do, We took the freedoms of this land and used them. We hungered for the truth, so we searched for the reason America is so blessed. We had graduated from a long course of indoctrination that never praised America, constantly denied God a say in anything, and for the most part, the teachers were sour, dour lemon sucking liberals. We knew it, played the game, now it is time to take back the schools. Read a little history and you will discover that our nations school system was created by Christians. Even Harvard was started as a church school. Let's return the education of our children to ones who love America, God, Family, and now we have to say......Parents who are of the oppisite sex.

Yes, we found the history that the communist American History teachers would not mention as they were praising Che and Mao.

So, listen to how your Senator or Representative answers this important question of Karl's...."Is Iraq a battlefield in the War Against Terror?"

Al Quada is sure of a mind that it is……what few of them left are making a last desperate stand in Iraq. Stand, these criminals and serial killers with weapons could not stand up 20 seconds against our military, and guess what? Iraq is going to have the toughest army, navy and air force in the middle east, excepting Israel. They are being taught by the best, they know it....record number of young Iraqi men are signing up to join the military and police force. You can no more stop freedom when it starts rolling than a mile long coal train...or even my 18 wheeler.

What happened you ask? What happened to make you change your mind about joining a third party. Listen up.

In a week and a half of nothing but good, welcome news to America, the Democrats have insulted us all by failing to thank
our warriors,
our commander in chief,
or the ones doing such a magnificent job on the home front,
as in keeping our economy roaring while the war is raging.

The Democrats have shown us that they don’t deserve to be in control of a nation that they can say nothing good about. They still, after 5 years have not said what they would do to fight terrorism. Would you be willing to have our warriors following J. Kerry's still unannounced plan to fight terror? Give me a break.

Meanwhile…….we are kicking *** and taking names. Al Quada (don't even care if it is spelled correctly)is done on one side and will soon be toast. Did you happen to hear the Defense Minister of Iraq being quizzed by the liberal NPR babe?…..he pretty much shut her down, and what is more important…….

He in a humble tone, thanked America for the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears. Nothing could have been more welcome to my ears. NO, Thank you for being a man, and thanking those that need it. Moms and Dads who have lost sons and daughters in this worldwide struggle for Liberty's very existence, There is true graditude and thanks in Iraq. The Iraqi people are not ungrateful, our media is.....they won't report the good news or show you people happy to be free, but sad that it cost America so much.

I'm off to grab that link…the leading, snide questions asked by an employee of the citizens of the USofA, that was answered by a bold, dedicated man. Dedicated to stamp every terrorist's ticket to hell, where they belong and where they won’t find one virgin.

God...... Bless America, PLEASE? Please God, bless America still. We are working to stamp out the Church of the Godless. OK, we’ll work harder. THANKS


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