Friday, November 04, 2005
Sanity's Bluff has been rented
Sanity’s Bluff received numerous bids in the BlogExplosion ‘Rent my Blog’ promotion.
It was painful when I had to choose one blog and one only, from so many offers. It really was. The blog I choose to rent to is.......

Ogre's Politics and Views

You will like this blog, if you have a sense of humor, and like to laugh at topics that are driving us all mad. To get to this renter's blog....PLEASE USE THE LINK IN THE SIDEBAR TO YOUR RIGHT.....THE RENT MY BLOG LINK.....
Anyone working with others to remove Senator McCain from the Senate…..has my respect. Barry Goldwater was one of my role models.
The mediapraised Senator McCain, is not from the same cloth. Simply being from Arizona, and a Republican, does not make you a conservative. If the main sewage press worships you, it is only because you are willing to stab Republicans in the back, just to get invited to the media circle jerks. The press loves McCain, I don’t.

But back to the subject at hand. You'll find a link to Ogre's blog in the sidebar to the's a little thumbnail type link box that says Rent my Blog below it. Please use that link to get to the best blog you've been to for sometime. If there is some problem with that link, or you can't find it...I have a link at the end of this blog entry. But please try the sidebar link first. Ogre's blog may take a little longer than you are used to, to load completely, and that is because it is a library of good blog links, good articles, and you'll chuckle....I PROMISE YOU...Go ahead jump into Ogre's Think Tank.

If you don’t follow the link to Ogre’s Blog……don’t be surprised when you feel someone breathing heavily with clinched teeth behind you while you are busy typing at your keyboard. So scroll right now, until you see the rent my blog button in the sidebar to the right.
I am trying to figure out how to move the link box above the fold, so if my blog disappears from cyberspace, you'll know webloafer was messing with the template again.

Orge’s Politics and Views.


Blogger Ogre said...

Thank you very much for the kind words and the big plug!

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