Sunday, November 27, 2005
Word Verification
It all started when I opted into the Word Verification for commenting on my blog. (google) provides the bandwidth for my blog…, so I try to be a good googleer……..and yet…….strange things are happening ever since I started asking for word verification when someone comments on any one of my six blogs. Even as blogmaster, I have to type the correct letters of the word verification when I want to post a comment.

I'm almost sure that GOOGLE has created and perfected Artifical Intelligence.....for how else would a computer program........???

I had just finished commenting on some political blog, and the last sentence as I remember was something like……”do you really think the French can come to grips with their problem?”

And here is the word verification I was ask to type before posting became official.

I really didn't think much of it, so I just did as I was told and typed the letters.
Then I visited a recipe blog, and commented about the dessert of the day, and my comment ended with these words.....I think it goes best with chocolate. When I came to the word verification is what I was asked to type.....before proceeding.

I was starting to feel like someone was looking over my shoulder, so I made a comment at a aviation blog, and ended the comment with these words.....I want this to be perfectly clear.

And here is the words I was asked to type into word verification.....??????????

Well I was miffed, and mad, so I hit the enter key an extra time, and the word verification program gave me another chance to get it right.

Here was the next sequence of letters I was asked to type.
I found myself shouting at my computer.........NO.......I'm NOT, ARE YOU?????? Then I thought to myself....
"I’m going to turn Word Verification Off."
My monitor screen blinked a few times, and without hitting any key on the keyboard....this appeared on my screen.
Just for spite, I typed this into the word verification box,
"And we will be happier, if we respect each other."

I knew it was not correct, and it was way too many letters, but I was miffed.

Even before I was through typing the complete sentence, these words of admonition appeared on my computer monitors screen.

I found myself wondering if I had done something wrong, something that had upset word verification.....????

And I typed into the word verification box....
"I'll try to be a better googleer" So Would you vote for my blog when I battle next at Blog Explosion?
But the words came back.......
I was ready to hit the Ctrl/Alt/Delete......

When I finally got the last word from the big computer in the sky.......
I'll try, but no promises.


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