Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Yes, I know it; I’m a sucker for new things on the internet, and especially if it could be used here on my blog. I found a new toy while loafing on the web, and just had to try it out.
I have always wanted a way to interlink all of my many blogs together, other than the list in my profile. I found a fun way to do it. How do I describe this…it is a mini forum…no, it is a shout box, where people can join together and leave pictures for the whole group, and shout out to the members of the group.
I choose for a group name……Truckin Blog Hog......Be the first one on your block to join......it could be a lot of fun, or simply wasted time, you decide. It won't be necessary to include a map like the one on the bottom of my page here on your blog....just the small button like the one in my sidebar. Yes, it is google. I will have a rant about the way I see google being trashed by neocons and others. I believe in capitalism.....without reservation, and a lot of people start hating companies that become big and profitable. Can you say Microsoft? I heard a ridiculous rant by Micheal Savage about how Google is helping terrorism. MORE ON THIS LATER.....DEVELOPING.
(perma link) http://www.frappr.com/truckinbloghog


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