Thursday, November 17, 2005
Read, Ponder and Puke
I have noticed that, know who we are talking about, the pinkies of America…the poa's), will never be a busy site on the internet because they are nothing but a liberal hackjournalismdatabank, and anyone with a nose for truth, realizes,, stinks. When the internet community figured this out, we shunned

Liberal Web Sites are exciting aren’t they?

Remember my friends, about the same time that was spawned, Matt Drudge made his appearance in cyberspace. Drudge Report was the first blog of any worth on the internet. We all know, would love to have 1% of the daily traffic that Matt Drudge’s blog gets.

Case closed! Even liberals visit Drudge more often than…and Drudge has no heavy hitters sponsoring his website.

Not even the books. Their financial house? Balanced? They must be cooking the books to have stayed around this long. Kinda like Al Franken’s Air America cooking the books, and stealing from honest charity organizations, to pay the bills at AirHeadAmerica! Yes, should have been put to rest, (buried) several years ago.

I avoid like a turkey with the Avian Flu. And I know you do too.

But still found a way to get to me. And it just happened, just a few hours ago, when I was busy webloafing.

This conglomerate of liberal think (ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha) has become desperate, it appears they have resold their corporate soul to the devil, again.

What happened wasn’t polite, fair, balanced, moral, decent or LEGAL.

I hate spam, you do too. I hate adware being downloaded to my computer when I am downloading a page I want to view.

In research this morning, I came upon a link that I wanted to follow, for some information, and so I clicked it. Again, I wanted to learn more about a certain subject….and this link was labeled as something I wanted to know more about.

Instead of information, clicking upon the highlighted url, took me to a serendipitously controlled webpage, controlled by………..I immediately hit the back button. I wanted nothing to do with But the page kept reloading when I hit the back button.

So I decided to look around this power page,
here is what happened.

On the loaded page, there was a promise of something good (if I would click here) or a promise to go to where I wanted to go, in one of those, 10,9,8,7,6…wait… with a link…so I clicked the sponsors ad link, and it took over. It was a nice ad by a good sponsor, Chevrolet……but it was one of those dead ends.

After the snazzy commercial ran, (nice video, great audio) there was no way to get back to the page I started the journey on.

This is captive liberalism.

Liberalism has to cheat to win the approval of open-minded people. Liberals look at the world from a teenager’s point of view. Their view of the world is nothing like what mature humans see. A majority of people have figured out that liberalism is a dead end street. It may not seem so at times, since 90% of the msm, trumpets the liberal side of anything. Most of the time our nations media is hard to distinquish from the media of our enemies. It seems like the same crew of journalists are writing for al jeezzera, and Americas newpapers and TV .

If we were to implement all of the liberal agenda in America2005,
There would not be an America worth squat in 2007.




Maybe your daughter who is walking home from school, and is beheaded by the islamafacists will have someone that finds her severed head, and takes the time to sew it back on her lifeless torso. I would hope that would happen to every Mom or Dad who has a child beheaded, brutally murdered simply because that child was walking home from a Christian School. These are gruesome pictures of two of the three young teenage girls which the islamapigs beheaded and and then took the slain girls heads to some other place. Good policework and communtiy helped get the heads and torsos connected in this instance, but don't assume that anyone will find the head of your daughter when it is hacked off of her living, breathing body by those pigs of islam that is so worried about. You Know what I refer too, the articles about how the pigs of islam must be treated humane, when they are capturerd on battlefields. How do you treat a pig of islam humane? Why should we try?


You still think Islam is the Religion of Peace?
The article to go with the pictures. Wake up America, World

In this instance, doctors, surgeons, and nurses sewed the heads back on in time to let the funeral be open casket.

If the liberals succeed in letting the enemies of America, win the War against the Terrorists of the devil, those same liberals will be the first ones beheaded…while the demons shout “Allah Akkbar” or whatever the swine of islam shout when they hack the heads off of innocent citizens, like these two Christian teenagers. These beheaded girls, were quilty only of walking to schoool......Think....they had no trial, they were just killed. KILLED because they were Christian girls. Explain to me how you love the swine that chopped the heads off of a parents child, before, you love the DEDICATED TO VICTORY, SOLDIERS OF THE USofA.

If that day comes, (when liberals and islamafacists win the war) most conservatives will be safe, for they possess, and know how to use handguns, shotguns, knifes……and tire irons.
While the lilywhiteliberals and their subjugated friends go down.

I will not help any of the Hate Bush Crowd


Blogger phred said...

Ahhh yes, and they call it jihad. Jihad means holy war.
There is Nothing holy about killing women and children.
True soldiers fight with honor ( both sides ). There is nothing honorable about cutting off a '' prisoners '' head or blowing up a group of innocent noncombatants at a public gathering.
These ''people '' ( and I use the term loosely ) are COWARDS. And I imagine God is saddened greatly that they are doing this in His name.
I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Blogger Shane said...

Yikes Web Loafer, you coulda warned me about the severed head.

Blogger Peter Porcupine said...

Sanity -

Don't let Matt Dudge hear you call him a blog!

Have you ever HEARD him on his radio show rant about how WORTHLESS bloggers are, and about how he's an AGGREGATOR - and a REAL journalist?

It's an odd blind spot in an otherwise excellent journalist - I think he's worried about the McCain-Finegold regs that will crack down on blogs with political content in the next election.

Blogger Crazy Dan said...

Not only are they killing them but the beheading of this young girls in an attmpt to keep them out of heaven or whatever type of afterlife they believe in is truely appalling. I may only be a South Park Conservitive but even I know that terrorism should not be allowed even if we have to police Iraq to stop it.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I haven't ever heard Matt Drudge speak, so I walked into that one, but from the few things I have read of his, he is fairminded to all views. Some of the links he chooses to highlight are to places I would not think of going. But I go there to check out why Matt was interested in the article. His writing of headlines is great.

And about McPain, I have a gut feeling that he was the leak to the Washington Post about secret prisions in foreign countries. Just a gut feeling, and if it isn't true, it wouldn't tarnish his attention by the media nature. I hate talking bad about a man who served and suffered for his country, but if he is wrong, he is wrong. He was quick to take away our freedom to speak at election time. Perhaps all people running for office should be made to remain completely silent 30 days before an election, and the penalty would be death by firing squad.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Shane, it was an attempt on my part to shock people. With the hope that maybe a few more people will have a bad dream. Yes, a bad dream.
You see, we wake up after a dream, and that is my goal. Hopefully one or more people will wake up and see we are going to lose more than the war in Iraq, if we don't unite.
With all of the ways we can be hurt, why are we fighting amongst ourselves, so hopefully some more Americans will wake up and see......Our enemy wants us all dead or converted to Islam.

Time is running out, If the people in the press and washington d.c. don't quit giving aid and comfort to the dogs of islam, we are doomed.

They love to say, our presence in Iraq is helping our enemy. NO, it is the presence of the media that prints nothing but bad things about Our Soldiers and Leaders, and the turncoat politicians that tell our ememies......Bush lied. They are not saying it for citizens at home, they are signaling our enemy that our country is divided, and ripe for the picking. They would hold the door open for the invading hordes, if it would GET BUSH.

There is blood on the hands of many. I know the death toll of our wonderful men and women in uniform would be much lower, if the media was not helping recruit terrorists. Yes when they spend 50 straight days with articles about prision abuse in iraq...on the front page of the NYTimes....that recruited many many sucicde bombers.

I'm keeping a tally of who is for us and who is against at home...screw the rest of the world, let them fight their own battles.

Sorry I am so depressed about the future, but sanity is missing in this whole sitution.

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