Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Wake Up
Are you ready to live in a world the liberals are planning for you?

There will no rich people. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never received a paycheck from a homeless bum.)

There will be universal health care. (As in long lines, and denials of service.)

Our military will be neutered. (A military in the hands of liberals…think of it.)

Terrorism will become a misdemeanor, and first time offenders will be given probation. (The press seems to hold a unnatural sway over our politicians, they seem to be more concerned with what the New York Times writes, than what the people want. Anyone who disagrees with the mantra of the moment in the main street press is subject to massive attacks in print, on the tube, and even in movies. And the conservatives don't seem to have enough backbone to speak the truth, in my mind, they are wimps. Yes, to stand up and tell the truth today as a Senator or Representative, will doom you to become a ONE TERM SENATOR, BUT IN MY MIND A PATRIOT. This country needs a majority of Politicians with a spine. Want to lay odds on that happening? The Press and Liberal Think, there is no difference. Our media in America today, might as well be called the Clone of Al Jezzera. Yes, I'll give the outrage the press had for a picture of a terrorist killer with underwear on his head, with the refusal of the same press to write about, picture or even acknowledge the bloody videos of the same bunch of terrorist dogs, hacking the head off of a living breathing human, an innocent civilian. Our press has no objectivity, and they are not liable to find any in the near future. And it would be impossible to find much difference between the liberal mindset of the Media, and the View from the Bench. Yes it appears our Supreme Court at this time, is more concerned in following in march step with the Popular Press, than examining what the constitution says. If the press champions a cause, the Courts of America rush to uphold or strike down any opinion that isn't media approved. Think I'm a little research. I can tell you what tomorrows Supreme Court decisions will be, by reading the New York Times today. That is unless Judge Alito is confirmed before socialism wins the day in America. I really don't think he will be confirmed, because the wimpy Senators want to be reelected to the Senate. Yes, our legal system is becoming a joke, working only for the rich, our nation’s enemies or the perverted.)

I have to add a little more here, did you ever think that a former Attn. General of the United States would do pro bono work defending one of the worst mass murderers alive?
Thanks Jimmy Carter, and Ramsey Clark.
Jimmy Carter was the last century’s worst president. No let me reconsider, in my humble opinion he was the worst president ever. Not even H. Hoover damaged the country I love as much as that so called Born Again Bigot from Georgia. You see, you can dress up a racist bigot in a nice suit, have the press say glowing things about him, but at crunch time....Jimmy Carter always let his country down. Jimmy Carter, A coward, who would be right at home in a midnight rally of the KKK, led by Senator Robert KKK Byrd.

Christianity will be banned. (The ACLU is working hard, and well on the way to this.)

All Boy Scout Programs will be banned, or any other organization that dares to point youth to GOD, the creator of all GOOD. (This is no exaggeration, GoodWill, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities....and any such charity that dares to compete with the all powerful nanny state the liberals envision will be targeted for legal battles, courtesy of the ACLU.)

Marriage will be legal between anything and everything. (You will be able to marry any person, animal or number of each you want. You can marry your pet sheep or even that tree you love.)

Frowning at two men kissing in public will be a hate crime punishable with stiff penalties. (Hate crimes, or what the state THINKS YOU ARE THINKING, are already being put in place.)

Felons in prison or out of prison will be able to vote. (Even baby molesters and baby killers, need a say in the government.)

Any illegal alien, who walks up to a voting booth, can vote. (This is happening in several states already.)

The taxpayers will have to pay for a rapid transfer system from Mexico to the town you work in now. (Who would want our next Democrat voters to risk life in the badlands? And sadly, even our present president would not see any problem with this.)

No citizen will be able to own or possess a gun. (This is a battle that has been raging for decades.)

The age of sexual consent will be 12. (Supreme Court Justice, Ruth B. Ginsberg openly suggested it.)

Abortion will be legal up to the age of 4. (Quality of life will rule the day if the liberals succeed. The state will determine if your child has a future. I mean, who really wants to see a retarded, crippled or child with birth defects, walking down a street while they sit at a fancy sidewalk cafe? Parents or the state can end the suffering of any child, up until that child is safely enrolled in a government school. If live birth abortions are no big deal? and they don't seem to bother the liberals, this will sell to the sheeples of America.)

Anyone old enough to receive Social Security will be subject to euthanasia if their life is not a life of quality. (Family members won’t have to wait through the agonizing spectacle of a parent growing feeble, and won’t have to wait for their inheritance.)

To save the overworked courts money and time, all businesses will be taxed an additional 45%, and that money will be divided up between the lawyers and crooked judges. (Lawyers won't have to spend any time suing the big corporations. Think of the savings in time and money.)

I could continue this rant ad nauseam, but won’t.

I only have one thing to add.When I get a little tired of fighting in the battle going on for the heart and soul of my country, I think of the world the liberals desire, and my strength is renewed. Those not fighting this assualt against America, may just be condemning their children and grandchildren to a world much like I describe. If this doesn't bother you, you bother me, and I consider you my country's enemy, as suredly as the terrorists. This battle is raging now, and, just because you choose to bury your mind in TV, movies, music or your favorite sport, doesn’t mean this battle won’t affect you. Earl Pitts used to say it best….."Wake up America”. Wake up America is also a song on Darryl Worleys latest CD. Darryl is my favorite singer/songwriter.


Blogger jane said...

very interesting post! you've somehow crammed a bunch of generalization about others into 1 entry. very creative!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Yes Jane, a lot of generalizations was purposely crammed it this article, with the intent of showing an alarming trend.This will be the last negative article for awhile. You must know we all go through cycles....I feel a happy go lucky phase coming on. Just because we can't do much about these things, even if we know they are wrong, doesn't mean we must remain silent, and give silent approval to them. Millions of Germans knew something sinister and evil was going on in the 1930's, but kept quiet.

Blogger Sheila said...

The ACLU isn't trying to ban Christianity. And they fight for freedom of speech, so that you can come here and post your narrow minded hatered all over the internet. You should thank them.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I call them like I see them. My nations armed forces protect my freedom of speech, not the rich socialist lawyers of the ACLU. They have attacked in court the boy scouts, and many more decent organizations.
Hatred...or hatered, a word used by someone with no rebuttal to the facts. It is a word I don't like to see used at Sanity's Bluff. Maybe to describe something obvious from the past....Hitlers Hatred for Jews....but not to people who simply have a different view. I'll let you spout off once and call my writings hate, but only once.
The ACLU should be taken to court under the RICO statues, for a shake down, protection racket.
You and I will never agree, but there is no freedom of speech at Sanity's Bluff....I don't come here and post narrow minded hate, I am here, it is my time and effort that you see and read, and I am a loving person, especially in love with the nation so many died to see happen, and maintained.
I am serious, I would not want to live in the world I described. Chill out, you were close to losing it.

Anonymous lively1 said...

LOL, you sure dated yourself. Earl Pitts??? Thought that trucker was room temperature, IS HE?
Anyway, this is a well designed (rant, as you yourself called it)
It made me think.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A conservative's dream!

Right wingers aren't happy unless they can be AGAINST something. So they have to paint liberals as the bad guys.

Only way to make the right look good by comparison.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got a HUGE laugh about the universal health care line.

The US has the longest waits of any western country to see a doctor AND more medical mistakes per capital than any country in the world.

Meanwhile, US taxpayers are already paying for universal health care -- in Iraq.

Yep, it's in that Constitution W and his Bushmen supported: a Allah given right to free health care from cradle to grave for every Iraqi, even those killing our troops.

And the Bush promised to foot the bill for them indefinitely.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks lively1, and I don't know if Earl is room temp, I just remember his rants always starting with "Wake up America"

Anonymous....come out and give your name, we don't bite those with different views, if they talk without vulgarity.

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