Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Format/Template Change

Dearest blogger.
Please remove the auto-start from your embedded music file. It truly disrupts the surfing experience of those of us who listen to our own music, consistently. Thank you.

This polite comment left on one of my blogs, led me to think about including embedded music videos files on my blogs. I know I get annoyed when the mirrors on my truck start rattling to the 145 decibel boom box on wheels pulled up next to me. While I would never consider Eric Clapton annoying, the same principal applies. I’ll try finding a menu of links to songs that move me. So to watch the music video, visitors will need to follow a link.

This only goes to show, I will listen to others, and act upon good advice. Blogging is not soley for my satisfaction, so I'll listen too other people.
The embedded music video, Eric Clapton's "My fathers eyes" has been removed, but a link to the video is in my sidebar...
It's about cleaning time at the old sidebar.....they do tend to get cluttered.


Blogger Yong said...

Good feedback...I have removed the "autostart" feature at my site. Now, people have a choice. They will have to click on the "start" button to play the music video.

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