Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Hot Air from the NorthEast USofA

One thing is certain to happen again this time of year; the good citizens of the NorthEast USofA, will start bemoaning the price they have to pay for heating their homes.

I cannot remember a winter without the hypocrisy of these sniveling home owners going to the media complaining about the high price of heating their mansions. These are the very ones that time after time vote against reasonable energy policies and against anyone who dares suggest we solve this problem, with good old American KnowHow. They (by way of the genious's they send to Washington) are now blocking the proposed drilling of oil in anwar….but all winter they will be moaning and complaining.

I can only say, GOOD, let ‘em shiver. I’m talking about those that rail against Big Oil, yet they buy Big Cars, drive too much, and heat huge energy wasting homes.

As always happens, there will be a bailout in some form for these hypocrites. Like spoiled children they throw a hissy fit if someone says, “Let’s use some of the Oil we have, or Coal we have, our Nuclear power that we pioneered, or Wind Farms, to solve our energy crisis…..but I know how they always respond....the very thought of placing wind generators anywhere near Ted Kennedy’s Mansion.

Kennedy and friends will bloviate all winter. Perhaps a trap of some sort, capturing the hot air that leaves Kennedy's lying mouth….would solve a few families need for energy this winter.
By not using our own countries natural resources, we become more and more dependant on the nations of the Middle East. The nations of the Middle East are all breeding grounds for terrorists who want to kill Americans. Most of the money behind terrorism comes from nations and individuals of the Middle East.
Stop and think now, where will these warriors of islam be battling this winter? Or perhaps a better question would be......where will these terrorists battle the USofA, if they were not battling our warriors in Iraq? Come on it's not that hard of a question, where would they be battling?

Why they would be battling in the cities of the NorthEast USof A.

All of this makes me wonder how dumb smart people can be. The idiots of Harvard, Yale, and the NorthEast USofA, by their own stupidity are endangering the whole nation.
Even the so called Republican House members from the NorthEast USofA have teamed up with the Democrats to defeat measure after proposed measure, that would address the crisis of our nation, when it comes to energy. They team up together to defeat any proposal that would help us in this crisis.
So let them rail and shiver....while they snivel and pontificate on how smart they are. SMART, if you were dying of thirst, and saw a well nearby, but refused to use the water, because a sand cockroach needed that water hole to swim in, HOW SMART ARE YOU?

Kennedy and Company love to rail against any proposal that would let our whole nation become less dependant upon our ENEMY. That puts him and his buddies in the camp of OUR ENEMIES.
That’s how any sane person would view this situation.


Anonymous Drew said...

Keep in mind that there are many people who share your views in the northeast. Don't condemn the entire northeast because of the liberal elite's politics. How do you think we feel? We are surrounded...

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