Tuesday, November 08, 2005
What's that sound????????
I have added music videos to Sanity's Bluff, for your enjoyment of course, always thinking of you. I'll use my fifty year long love of music to select these videos. Always with you in mind. Not all of the music I would want to share is available in video, but I'll sort through the tens of thousands of videos available to bloggers, and find music we can all like. You deserve a little niche away from the fussin' and feudin'. If you are good enough to visit and read my rants, I feel obligated to be a good host and have something we all can enjoy, together.
I highly recommend the video service I use.
Go to www.VideoCodeZone.com and in just a few minutes...you too can have music videos on your blog. It is a free service, yet there are No emails to give, No forms, just copy and paste the code to your template.
Hey, it has to be simple; if I can get it right. I have not had a problem at all with this service. Of course, high speed internet is recommended, dial up is just too slow. I HATE CYBER INTERUPTUS, WHEN THE STREAM IS FLOWING.
Relax a sec…..listen to the music…..I know I'll be humming and thinking about this song all day and half the night. Eric Clapton has a way with the guitar.....well....you knew that.
One more thing friends, I have recently started another blog...(yeah, like I have the time) and I would sure be thankful if you would scoot on over there and check it out. It is called Patriotic & Idiotic, a place for me to rail against the system.......You will find me pointing out the trouble with both major party's of this country's political system. While you are there, make sure to click on the link to my newest tenant, in the Rent My Blog Thingee.
Enjoy Eric, and please come back.
Now where did I leave that Frank Zappa vinyl?????


Blogger Jay said...


Blogger Shane said...

good tunes.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks guys....I am trying to make Sanity's Bluff a visitor friendly blog, a place to relax, and Shane I was planning on asking you if you would like to do a quest article for the Bluff. Of course your articles are actually ART, and are short on words, but long on view. It would sure be appreciated by me if you would do this, an exclusive article with a link to your blog. I wouldn't expect reciprocation.....I'm not good at what you do so well, and the one thing about your blog that I find unique, is that it is one format, and one format only. Nothing like that is ever gonna happen at Sanity's Bluff...LOL....
Shane, your blog is one of my favorites, and if you ever decide to add music in the background, I'll give you some pointers.
Later Jay and Shane.

Blogger Shane said...

my pleasure! thanks for the good words.

Blogger Shane said...


I emailed your excluseive "quest" to sanitys_bluff@rock.com. My link is
reflekshins. This one is all yours. I give you exclusive rights.



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