Friday, November 11, 2005
Capitalism Rocks

My last article here was about socialism..."Socialism Sucks". Now I give equal time to some thoughts about capitalism.

Here Tiz’

Capitalism Rocks.

You’ve seen blogs with those little begging buttons??? Why sure you have. I could never do that, (at least not yet) I don’t beg.

I put hours and hours of effort into Keeping Sanity’s Bluff and the other three branch blogs up and running. I would never expect anyone to throw a few coins in the cup…..


I love capitalism…and am going to use it like God intended it to be used. I am going to introduce you to the best software program I have ever purchased.

Have you ever watched a streaming music video…..Of course you have…..there is a good one right here on my blog. How about a newscast on a local TV stations website that had a video stream of an important event in your town. Would you like software that could rip that stream off of the web and record it onto your hard drive? And what if the rip would be of better quality than the stream on the net?????

The software I am talking about is from Applian Technologies Inc. and the links over in the sidebar will take you to their homepage, where you can try out this marvelous software. So spend a few minutes and download the free demo of the software. If you see a good use for this software in your world…..please come back to Sanity’s Bluff and purchase it via the link here. That way I’ll grab a few bucks, and I will guarantee this….You will be happy, and I will too.

Hey, I really like this capitalism thing.


Blogger Shane said...


check your e-mail



Blogger web_loafer said...

Shane, I just checked all of my mailboxes....nothing there from you. The gremlins are at work no doubt.


Do you use AdSense? I've seen it touted and am giving it some thought.

Your sites are getting quite jazzed up. That last riff from Eric Clapton was something.

Blogger Shane said...

okay WL:

I resent it 4:08 pacific time.

if you don't get it again, you'll need to give me another e-mail address.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Shane, I have so many email accounts, I get them all mixed up. I finally found your exclusive artwork for me. I am humbled....thanks friend....I can't remember....did you design your banner on your is really good.
I really need to consolidate all my 14 email accounts into one. I have an aversion to spam...I hate it. My first email account is more spam than friends, and it makes me mad...I have spam filters, but it takes 15 minutes for it to sort everything out, and even then, I have to go back once in awhile to hunt through the spam to find an email someone said they sent.
Your site is always somewhere I know I can surf to and relax....
Keep up the excellant work.
Later........gotta go sort mail.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks Phil,
I think Eric Clapton is the most listenable to, (is that a word?) guitarist of last century, and way up there on the list for this decade, century or millenium.
Smooth is the word, and it is not easy to take six metal strings and make smooth music with them.

And a little bit about AdSense....Don't.
I know the very people that host my blogs, make money with AdSense, and share a little of the windfalls....

But here is the scenerio....I started my first blog because of you Phil. I didn't know that there was a venue to pour ones soul out into cyberspace, and have an audience.

For intellectual content, I have yet to run across a blog that compared to your blog.

I was intrigued..and tried it myself, knowing that I could never hope to blog with such literary genius, but wanting to give it a try.

I'm glad I did.

Now in the first few days of blogging, AdSense, (Google) set up a AdSense Section for my blog. I left it up for a few weeks......

But started noticing that everytime I wrote an article about President Bush......All of the AdSense Ads were links to people selling ANTI-BUSH PRODUCTS. SOME OF THEM REALLY NASTY AND PERVERTED. SO, I thought about it and decided I would not allow that. Now months and months later, I still feel the same.
You know, just having Jay pop up in the comments section once and awhile is enough trauma for my readers.

Give it a try and see if it selects ACLU links or Wikka links.

But even if it doesn' will never know what is offered for sale when you are not online......

I am in the process of answering a Google request as to why I quit using the service.

I am a huge fan of Google, and use many of their services, but AdSense is not one I want. Perhaps, after many months of blogging, they could get a better offering for the people who visit...I may try it again.

It's the weekend finally...had to dodge 3 deer this evening....Phew missed them all.

Blogger Shane said...

Hey Webloafer:

Glad you found it. As for my my lead banner -- it was designed by Ezine - The Pivot Post. He was kind enough to do this as an unsolicited favor. It is evocative and fitting.




Thanks, especially for the exceedingly kind comments. I'm honestly flattered. I've printed the comments out and will frame them.

You're doing very nicely too. I can tell because you have been able to get folks from the other side of the philosophical and political spectrums to re-examine their belief systems. It takes a skilled communicator to do that.

Thanks for the tip on AdSense. I was going to do it, but never got to seal the deal. After reading what you had to say I'm glad I didn't.

I've got all my book proposals out and have sent a request to Charles Colson with some samples to see if I can get his endorsement for my porposed book. I'm working on some others as well.

I just got an e-mail from a Catholic publishing company asking me to review one of the books they publish. The company is operated by a monastic order in St. Louis. They're going to send me a book and all I need to do is review it on my blog. The book's titled "Spirituality and Storytelling.

In the course of the dialogue they also said I could send a pitch of my book to them for their review.

Things seem to be happening.

Thanksgiving, it appears, is going to be at Judy's this year. My guess is we'll all get to eat vegetables, salad, your mom's rolls, cranberry sauce, pie. By the time we're done with that Judy should have the turkey ready. It's going to be an interesting day.

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