Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Anonymous gizmo_no_mo said...

Why would those more intelligent than you bible thumpers, even consider letting you biblethumpers know what we want done? I mean what we are going to do.
We will not tell you what we will do; because, you think only in terms of how loud the gun is when it is fired, or how mangled the corpse of your enemy is after you shot him. Peace has no enemies, except biblethumperws. They want guns and death. We think in peace and safety.

Blogger phred said...

That poster is phunny.

Evidently there are some of us ^ that don`t have a clue about the price of freedom and security.
I wonder what planet this person ^ was on , on 9/11.

Loafer, they cannot tell us what they want because, they cannot get enough votes to assume office and be effective.

I imagine those 2 girls that were beheaded are at '' peace '' now. Maybe we should ask their grieving mothers what they think.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Phoney Patriots with no plan remaining silent about the enemy. You never see or hear a liberal talking about the barbaric acts of our enemy. They haven't a clue as to where the terrorists would be killing if we left Iraq.....Can you say, the USofA?

I imagine someday the Dem's will get the power they lust for back, and then the fighting will be in our streets.

And the ACLU will help the terrorists, along with the media.

The world goes around, but somethings remain the same, The liberal Democrats love power more than their own nation.

Blogger Jorell said...

Well you guys are doing a crappy job. The two main reasons of going to war was weapons of mass destruction and links of Iraq to 9/11 both you come out empty handed. So what is your guys plan? Invade every country that has a Muslim in it?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the Democrats are the ones WITH plans.

Murtha wants a gradual pull out over 6 months.

John Kerry has called for an immediate drawdown of 20,000 after the December elections (the Pentagon agrees with the idea -- shooting for more like 60,000 using the Kerry timetable).

It's W who doesn't have a plan in Iraq other than staying there so the Iraqis never have to take care of themselves.

We're already paying for Iraqi's universal healthcare (guaranteed in their constitution) -- do we have to provide their army, too?

Blogger web_loafer said...

No analonamous, that is a generic plan....here is a plan.

We will kill the terrorists where ever we find them.....be it Iraq,
San Francisco, Mexico, France, Germany, Vatican City or Tel Aviv.
No place is exempt, if a terrorist is there, we will go there, and kill them, and anyone harbouring them.

You demonrat wussies don't like to fight but you like to breathe.

'nuf said.

Blogger Vilay said...

What an effective plan! An I am sure that it will work perfectly. Zorro will go and kill the bad muslim terrorist until the last one is killed and then we will be able to write "happy end", or "mission accomplished" as if it had an end....
Wake up!

Blogger web_loafer said...


As an American, I really appreciate advice from someone in France on the subject of protecting ones country.
How would a Frenchman know how to protect their own nation?

We know how, so back off, and enjoy your soon to be Muslim Nation.

You see, we remember
The trenches of WWI in France where tens of thousands of
Americans gave their life to protect you from the Huns.......
WWII.....hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their life to drive the nazis from your country,

and then we took over your lost war in Vietnam.

I think America has finally learned a lesson.........

1.Don't listen to the French, and 2.Don't fight their wars..for them.

You're on your own against terror.

Blogger phred said...

My Dad was a devout Christian man. He spent nearly 3 years in WW ll all over France and Belgum.
My Dad very rarely had anything bad to say about anyone..
My Dad had nothing good to say about the French people.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I know it probably isn't fair to paint with such a large brush, but until I see some kindness of thought, word and deed from that part of the world, it is off limits for my caring.
I just ran out of give a damns' when it comes to France.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Just in case you think I am being too hard on the French, open your eyes, and read some of this article on one of my other blogs.


You will have to copy and paste into your browser, I still don't know how to leave links in comment section.

It will document, Frances' financing of terrorism. Some of the blood our nation is shedding to defeat Terror, would not be necessary if France was not funding Terror. Go on now and buy some Cognac and Perrier.

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