Wednesday, November 09, 2005
THE WAR IS OVER............

Music Video of Unknown Soldier, Jim Morrison

The link is to another one of my blogs and the video is there. Those would be beautiful words to my ears, someday I hope to hear them. I thought this old video of Jim Morrison was interesting. I try to keep 4 blogs up and running.....there is a different music video at each blog.....check them all out, here's links to the other three.

Patriotic & Idiotic
The 2008 Election
My Help You Blog


Blogger Matt Brown said...

I came to your site by way of the "Christian Prophet," or whoever that person actually is. Anyways, your site is very well designed.

Blogger phred said...

Jim Morrison Rocks..
The Doors Rock..
Have a good day ...

Blogger phred said...

Eric Clapton is probably the worlds greatest guitar player ... Being as Jimi Hendrix is gone..
Videos on your site are cool.

Blogger James said...


I found your blogs through my favorite liberal ankle-biter, Jay. Enjoying them immensely, especially your "help" blog.

Take care and keep the faith!

James @ Right Face!

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