Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yes, I believe they are,
In three different ways.

Nationwide, there is an average of 46 cents added to the price of each gallon of diesel or gasoline....added by the various governments with their hands in our pocket. This is the average; your state may tax you more, or less. And yes, I know most of that money goes towards road building.....but not all of it. Every penny collected by taxing fuel, should go towards building and maintaing roads, nothing else. The amount collected is staggering, Trillions of dollars have been collected by governments from the sale of oil products. I do not think any government should charge the taxpayers a handling fee, for collecting these taxes. We'll call it that, but we all know what it is.

I make my living on the highways of America, so I know some tax is needed, but not this much.

I drive by a huge road construction project 4 times a day, (I believe it is the largest construction project ever, in the state of Missouri, it is LARGE) and it amazes me to see the awesome machinery of capitalism working so magnificently. It is amazing to watch road building. Companies like Haliburton invest billions of dollars in specialized machinery just to get gasoline to us at a reasonable price,
(check out the price of fuel elsewhere, say Europe) and the road building companies invest billions of dollars in specialized machinery, used only for road building. I for one am grateful for big oil, and big construction.

BIG OIL....I'm glad they are big, we all benefit, and the 10 cents they make on each gallon of gas I use, is a fair profit margin. All of you wishing to punish the big oil companies are not very bright....any burden you place on Big Oil, will be paid for you at the pumps....DAH

Likewise I am not advocating abolishing the tax on fuel, but it could use some careful auditing.On the average the oil companies that put up the capital and take the risk
(think hurricane damage, etc.) make a profit of 10 cents a gallon. I am not going to argue semantics with you, so we'll just consider the 10 cents a gallon profit is gouging. If that is gouging, what is the 46 cents the government collects on each gallon?? The part of that tax windfall that is wasted, is gouging.

So I am hearing people moaning to the government about the profits made by the oil companies. Bizarre, you want the biggest gouger of all, to punish the gouger in third place? Any more government involvement in what is left of the free trade in the oil industry will result in long lines at the fuel pumps, high prices and shortages, and you will only have yourself to blame. The business is already over regulated and has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in forced compliance to environmental rules, but again we the consumers paid for them. Those environmental rules have helped us all, so that was a good investment. I am glad that this industry is watched closely, and that we have learned to extract, and refine oil safely, and without damaging the Earth. Not all nations can say the same. The Persian Gulf Countries are not as good to the Earth as we are. All in all, I think Big Oil does an excellent job of getting gasoline to consumers.

Of course there is nothing we can do about the price the OPEC charges us for crude, and we use more and more each year. Funny thing, I don't hear many people railing against the OPEC countries that are the second biggest gouger. I don't think there is political will to end our dependance; I think Washington likes to have a scapegoat to blame. We have a refining problem that will not be solved until Washington puts the envirowacko's in place. No we don't want the Government to take on Big Oil. When they take on, or take over something they make it worse. Every time...every single time.

Here is the list of the gougers, in order.
1. Governments
3. Big oil

The first two on that list do nothing at all to bring gasoline to your neighborhood Seven Eleven.They produce nothing, but you pay dearly to them.OPEC is only the owner of the deposits of oil, it sells its oil in the ground, so it does nothing but make money. They would never think of getting their white robes or soft hands dirty.Yes, I'll join in the call for action against gouging, in this order, Government, OPEC then Big Oil.


Blogger Jay said...

You fail to take into account the massive government giveaways to big oil companies...basically requiring taxpayers to pay their expenses for exploration, leasing, and development of oil. Big oil is making money like never before. The fact that the president and vice president both make their fortunes with the oil industry is, of course, just a wild coincidence.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Look Jay, show me an honest politician.
Ever eat Tyson chicken? The faults of Republicans are front page news. But the sacred socialists can do no wrong. Tyson gave millions to a recent politician that you worship, the list is long.....they all do it.....they really do. Some are better at stealing than others.

There probably is no politician running for re-election that is not a crook.....Honest people would get out of the game after one term. I never trust a reform candidate, or one promising to clean up city hall.

But don't spread your one way dialog here Jay. You are welcome to comment but if it is always one sided...well, it gets old. The liberals are all clean as the wind driven snow.....????NOT

If we want to solve the problem, (and I do) we must look at all politicians.

Over in the sidebar there is offered for sale what will be the biggest selling book of the year. Mark my word on this, it is the news the MSM won't print, about the liberals.

The book is..."Do As I Say", by Peter Schweitzer. It is a book about the hypocrisy of the looney left. The media has covered up for the looney left for decades. We all have heard bits and pieces of the scope of their blatant hypocrisy, now an author has chronicled the sorid truth about the limosine liberals.

I recommend this book to everyone. I was given a copy of the book to write a review on Sanity's Bluff. That will be coming up next week.

I have daily informantion about the hypocrisy of the neocons, from papers, TV and magazines. This book brings the story the MSM won't publish. All sourced and researched.

And be honest about this....we all like cheap gasoline, and our nation has cheap gasoline. If the taxpayers subsidize the industry like you say, and you gave no proof....that keeps the cost down. You can't have it both ways. Massive giveaways...source them Jay....and not from a whacko left blog, where the truth is lie, and lie is truth. Anything to get Bush. I worry about someone with so much hatred in their life. You must be a blast at parties.

Anonymous mukhtar said...

Packaged, but not sent.

And, why doesn't the government pay me for exploring, leasing and developing?

I could use the grant money to fill up the tank of my HUMMER.

Blogger Jay said...

An honest politician? Ain't no such animal. The best we can do is put up a lot of checks and balances against them and hold them accountable. That's why I'm dismayed at the willingness to turn such a blind eye to politicians of particular political parties that happen to be in total control of all branches of government.

As for massive giveaways...well...just take a gander at the latest energy bill. Show me where it provides a benefit to the people. I don't see any tax breaks for you and I in the thing. In fact, we aren't mentioned at all. We have been upsurped as citizens in control of our country to consumers. Buy and shut up.

You like that arrangement?

Blogger Mark said...

"Every penny should go into road building"! How about some money for cleaning up the pollution caused by road, and by definition, petroleum users? Isn't it time those profits were used for the benefit of all mankind, instead of the greedy few?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Hey Mark...I can agree with that...making a livin' on the road, makes me mad that all the taxes that the gov's take.........yes we know them well...taxes, for the priveledge of driving in America..those govtaxes are taken. but not spent on the road. Give me a quarter and I'll fix that pothole that I have to swerve to miss, four times each work day.
Of course it isn't that simple....
To fill that pothole with 25 cents worth of cold patch.
One lousy 2 bit piece of life,
the solution to the problem would take time, time to warn the public that there is a work zone ahead, and that there would only be one driveable lane ahead,

and there would be the elitists who thought inwardly.....I'll get ahead of these their Fords.....CUZ I GOTTA BMW.....

EXCUSE ME.....couple of tons of four wheelers crushed by my truck.......

I couldn't tell you if they (the ran over) were anything but dead....

Yes, the newspapers would............tell you how a truck driver ran over a pillar of the community.....but would not tell you that the hard working truck driver did everything possible to save that scumbags life.

I totally agree with you Mark, that every penny of tax taken at the pumps.....

the pumps...the pumps...the pumps..pumpspumps....humps..dumpsssssss sidetracked there,
Every freakin' penny taken out of the citizens' pocket, should be spend wisely.........lololololol



na na naaaaa nah nah NA

Anonymous LuckyLady said...

Back off there truck driver.
I don't like trucks, or the idiots who would drive them. I think they should be banned from the highway.

Blogger web_loafer said...

lucky lady your diatribe is not worthy of a response

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