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16 Types of People on   facebook
                              The Lurker’….Doesn’t dare post anything or even leave a comment on your posts, BUT, reads your last twenty posts, and clicks on your photo’s to see if they are public.
        The Hyena’….Never says anything, just fills up other people’s  comment boxes with smiley faces, LOL’s, LMAO’s, FOTFL’s or my favorite, ROTFL. (If only some of these Hyena’s would actually roll on the floor occasionally instead of sitting in the same chair hour upon hour, day after day, eating Cheetos’s and pretending to know what’s funny…..)
        ‘Mr/Mrs/Ms Popular’….Has 4,367 friends, for no known reason.
                          ‘The Gamer’….Plays Mafia Wars, Farmville, Words with Friends, Bakes virtual cakes and cookies and other stuff….ALL DAY.
        ‘The Prophet’….Every post makes reference to God.
        ‘The Thief’….Steals, Cuts and Pastes or uses screen capture to pretend they are as clever as you, and will probably steal this.
         ‘The Cynic’….Hates their life, and everything in it. They love to bring other people down with the somber tone of their posts…….“everyone hates me, nobody likes me, goin’ to the garden an eat worms”  kind of post. 
8         ‘The Collector’….Never posts anything either, but joins every group and becomes fans of any cause and everything that may be popular at the time.
9        ‘The Promoter’….Sends invitations to events you wouldn’t go to if they paid you to go, and you delete or ignore all of them.
          ‘The Liker’….Never actually leaves any comments, but always clicks the ‘like’ option.
             ‘The Hater’….Every post revolves around someone hating them, or abusing them online or in real life. They swear people are out to ruin their life.
          ‘The Anti-Proofreader’….Apparetnly dis pirson flunced Mavis Beacon Typung School v.1, andd couldn’t speel ther weigh outofa paper bag with hep farrem a dickonary. Yu actully wunder ifen they wur typin two fast ore realy kan’t spiel.
         ‘The Drama Queen or King’….One who always posts stuff like “ I can’t believe this”, or, “They may make me go postal today”….hoping that you will frantically ask them what happened. Or ask them…What’s wrong”….but they never finish telling the story….they wanted Drama.
         ‘The Womp Womp’….This person consistently tries to be funny, but never is.
         ‘The News Reporter’….Updates you on what they are doing right now, what they plan to do in 30 minutes, who they are doing it with now, and who they plan to do it with in 30 minutes.
         ‘The Rooster’….The one who feels it is their job to tell Facebook….. “GOOD MORNING” everyday, sometimes even four or five times.
Thursday, February 23, 2012
Gonna Get It Together
What a mess...........this blog is............this (Sanity's Bluff) was my pride and joy............until I got ripped off by some jpg storage scam..............had all my template jpg's stored on the now defunked IMAGECAVE.COM............I'll  recover........but believe me, this blog used to be awesome before imagecave ripped me off and left me paying for nothing that works. NO, this in no way is a problem caused by Google and their   I started blogging at blogspot in 2005 with NO PROBLEMS. Before 2005 I had done some forums, bulletin boards...etc. etc............then I discovered my advertising friends at Google.............and they have been my friend ever since. They never overloaded my blogs with advertisements, they were there, but I wanted them to make money to pay for the bandwidth my blog.....blogs would take up.  MY BEEF is with IMAGE CAVE....who promised much, took my money and left me with a broken blog. Now, it is as much my problem for trusting without verification. Come out of the woodwork image cave boys/ scumtermites.
Friday, November 04, 2011
Miami, My Amy by Keith Whitley
Sunday, August 07, 2011
As the world crumbles

SOME OF YOU DO, THIS IS ONE PART OF A NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC COVER PHOTO....that has been used over and over and then some more on the internet, magazines, newspapers, television and video.......of a beautiful green eyed woman of Afghanistan. It appeared on the cover of NGS while the Soviet Union vs Afghan Peasants War was still a fight. It was a fight that the Soviet Union (First into outer space)let mothers and fathers spill the precious blood of their sons.....fighting over, fighting over what. Poppy see the Soviets knew the USofA was a drug addicted democracy on the verge of collapse. You can listen to the lies of many, that would say I'm stupid. But me thinks not. So, how come I'm blogging about this? Here's Why......the drug addicts of Wall Street, back alleys and government buildings of the USofA....have this fine young mans blood on their hands.
There are a few journalists who have touched upon the easy parts of this problem, but it is so complex because you don't have a clue as to if your pastor, teacher, banker, congressman, mother, daughter, son, uncle, neighbor or the president of your nation is a DRUG ADDICT.
AND, you are afraid to look into the matter, for fear that someone you love has the blood of slaughtered Afghanistans, Mexicans or Columbians on their hands.

I am blogging again, with a passion. I hate the thought of fine young soldiers dying for your love of opium, marijuana or cocaine.

This is going to be my research project, and who knows I may find things that endanger me..........I'm serious about this, your drug problem is killing people all over this planet, and the billions wasted on drugs in the USofA, and the cost of fighting one war after another for the free flow of drugs, and the cost of protecting the few remaining citizens not addicted to drugs, and policing our borders, and burying the murdered........yes that cost is many times more than the national debt. I don't need government figures, it is obvious to anyone who is not afraid of the truth.

Facebook is not the place for my account of this endeavor, so I'm back at Sanity's Bluff...........stay tuned.
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
The Upheaval

How do you expect to survive the upheavals coming? Could you discern the difference between your seedlings of squash, or a morning glory vine? Are you afraid of bee’s, wasps or the whole insect realm? Do you cringe at even the thought of dirt beneath your fingernails? Web is WIDE AWAKE, and is preparing for the upheaval. If you spend more time having your fingernails or toenails sanded and painted than you spend preparing for the upheaval……….Please don’t knock on my door, or try to lift something from our garden when the upheaval comes. Web is a generous soul, has helped keep many people alive by charitable giving. BUT, will never feel charitable to the slugs all around, who haven’t a clue and don’t want to get one…….THIS IS THE INTRODUCTION TO A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO WILL BE CAUGHT UP IN THE UPHEAVAL WITH NEEDS, TALENTS AND DESIRE TO SURVIVE WITHOUT EVER PICKING UP A WEAPON, EXCEPT IN DEFENSE OF LOVED ONES. Property can be replaced, loved ones cannot.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Finally, something we can agree upon
Following the truth in the USofA, is dangerous

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Friday, January 14, 2011
You may have missed this one
Friday, November 19, 2010
Good News for all that think the gov is too intrusive and should be reduced to taxpayer managed levels. The EPA announced just minutes ago that it is relaxing one of it’s long standing regulations. It may or may not affect you. It does affect you if you have any plans for airplane flights. Now when waiting in that long line, you can enjoy it a little more.

THE FFF. (fondled felt and frisked) is now relaxing one of its long standing regulations. YEAH…yeah. You still must step into the long line of optouts. BUT NOW YOU WILL BE ABLE TO LIGHT UP A SMOKE AFTER BEING FELT, FONDLED AND FRISKED. JOE CAMEL FINALLY GETS REVENGE, AND WILL BE THERE OFFERING SMOKES TO ANYONE IN THE LONG WAITING LINES FOR THE GOVERNMENT…PAT DOWN and FEEL UP.


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Saturday, November 13, 2010
Is anyone listening?
Jobs are out there.......
Where do I apply for a job like this??…I’m soon to retire… MY 401K has been stolen by obama and boys; My Toyota has been recalled due to one of Obama’s czars. The price of dog food (which us old people soon will be forced to eat to survive) is skyrocketing, NASA is now a muslim outreach program….hey…how’s your day going? I should have learned how to be lazy long ago, so that I’d have a government job.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
America is proud of you, Now sing on Jackie.
Friday, August 20, 2010
Had to do it

If this young man was someone you loved; stick with me here;do you think you could
find even a brief mention of his bravery and commitment to keeping the USofA safe and your tree killing paper throw newspaper...(HA, lol, rotfl)somewhere in your yard? Web couldn't diagram that sentence correctly if his life depended on it. Friends, Neighbors, Relatives and blog followers your life in the USofA is going to change......'nuf said.
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jackie evancho

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