Friday, July 10, 2009
Random thoughts about libs and commies

Want to befuddle your favorite liberal? That won’t be hard, since Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Ask your liberal acquaintance if the cologne or perfume they wear was tested on animals.

They will get all uppity and say….NO….

Ask them..OK, how did they test it?

“Well they tested it on humans” they most likely will say.

Dah, so there is a difference between animals and humans?

That’s right humans were given dominion over animals by God who created all things, human and animal. With a clear conscience I can enjoy eating them to sustain my life.

Another question for your liberal friend.

Are you concerned about endangered species?

The mentally damaged liberal will get all huffy and say….YES….!

Ask them why they would want to stand in the way of evolution.

If you stop and examine the claptrap a liberal spews, you will see blatant discrepancies. Most of the views they have are based solely on feelings not fact.

It’s all right to feel good about something even if it is wrong is the moral code they live by.

Like Dr. Michael Savage says “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.


Anonymous Mike B said...

Michael Savage is about as looney as they come (excluding the king of Looneyville Limbaugh). Taking advice from Hannity would be a step up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all not all liberals nor conservatives wear cologne.

Second, all humans are animals, mammals to be exact, bipedal primates of the Hominidae family to be even more precise, or in another description, of the genus Homo. So, by saying that the cologne wasn't tested on animals is an utterly wrong statement, in fact it was tested on humans, who are animals.

Third, it could also be argued that believing in an intangible god, or omnipotent entity is also something that can be considered a mental disorder because it is showing a mental detachment from the tangible, real world. But keep listening to Michael Savage, I'm sure your logic will appreciate it.

Anonymous Web Boss said...

Chris, lighten up that sphincter muscle...

Could you ever??? believe in comedy from those you hate???????

Oh well, I'll not waste any more words with you.

Wallow in your hatred of anything not just like you....

Think about it bigot, then dare to call me one......


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