Saturday, November 01, 2008
I blogged my best in June, 2006
Long ago, I smelled a rat in the Marine Corps, named Mutha? Mudpa? Murrpa? Murdertha? Murthnomurth? Murtandlie? Murthpza? MurthuYou? I'm sure you can guess what traitor I'm referring to......and here is my PLEA.....Pennsylvainia please send the traitor John Murtha packing, but PLEASE, don't send him to Kansas. We Kansan's love America. We Kansan's all know of Marines, real Marines, and John Murtha is not one.
Leaving intact my rantings of June 2006, I will share (Cut and Paste) one of the posts from that excellence in cerebralality up to you.....OH GOSH, there I go again inventing words.
June of 2006 has been my best month of blogging up until today. I cut and pasted the blog article below, but, the comments left after the fact were more interesting than my article.
Go to the original blog article and check out the 17 comments left there, at 'Sanity's Bluff'!
Yes, I think we need to exhume the body of a famous General from the past to compare his DNA with the silver haired ex-Marine pictured here with the flag of the country I LOVE.

What do these men have in common that makes me think they are related?

Here is General Benedict Arnold looking longingly toward England while still a commissioned officer in the Continental Army, of the USofA. Old Benedict took a huge sum of money from the enemy to march his troops out of West Point and allow the enemy to take over the fort. It would have been disasterous, but his written plans were discovered on the courier he sent to the enemy, in time to thwart the evil plan. Benedict escaped to England, but had a miserable life after his blood money ran out.
Here is a Dishonorable Representive of Pennsylvania in the USofA Congress. His left hand is making a point....probably trying to convince his constituents that he supports our troops. Yeah, sure.
Here is the Traitor Benedict Arnold looking longingly from his soiled nest, westward toward the America that he betrayed. Benedict was a lonely traitor in his last years of life.....He betrayed the best place upon earth, and had to live in his life in England and Canada. No one in England or Canada trusted him, or would even befriend him. Once a traitor, always capable of betraying again.
Now here is the Dishonorable Representive of Pennsylvania raising his right hand, and calling some of our Marines, 'cold blooded killers'. He has been to too many parties at the Kerry Mansions, he is a traitor too. Look closely at the picture, and you will see a bitter old man, who does not wish that a handfull of our marines be given a fair trial. He has told the world they are cold blooded killers, so that hand he raises has blood on it. In my opinion, the marines are innocent until proven quilty, and there is no quilt in war, it is war, and no war has ever been fought with as little civilian causualites....never....ever. So shut up traiter Murtha.


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