Wednesday, September 17, 2008
I missed the big sup with the Messiah

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I helped make Babs* rich enough to attend the most preposterous show of riches, ever; YES I'M TALKING ABOUT The ‘I love BHO and his form of socialism banquet, held in Hollywood, Hollywood (I don’t consider Hollywood a part of the USofA).

In the new world BHO wants America to change into, Hollywood would be exempt from the woes of socialism, communism or Marxism. They would be the Portiburo of our new US….RR you know the USSR v2.000009?


I did a little math, and here are the results. I realized the Messiah was asking $28,500 for one sitdown meal that includes entertainment from one of his mental slaves, Babs of Hollywood; and wondered how much it would cost to have every American seated at that meal……? WOW, think how super sized that meal was. $28,500. How much do you think it would cost to have all Americans enjoy a meal like the w***** of Hollywood will be enjoying?

Friends of Barack must not be hurting
like the middle class, truckdrivers, accountants, babysitters, carpenters, iron workers, ditch diggers, policemen and policewomen, firemen and firewomen, preachers, teachers, librarians and disc jockeys of America. No if his followers can pay $28.500 for one meal with the messiah, they don't belong in my world. I won't let socialist, elitist and perverts take my country over.

No, if Baracks friends can pay $28,500 for a meal with elevator music, I hope they threw that money away in a losing cause.

Baraks step brother in Africa would love to eat the food left on one of the plates of that Hollywood Secret Coven Meeting and Meal.....Yes if only Baraks half brother in Kenya could have been a busboy at this orgy of wealth....he could have taken one of the plates into a broom closet and he would have had the luxury of eating one meal before he slowly starves to death. Just once, Baraks half brother, would have had his belly filled, and I bet he would then wonder who to thank..........not like his unthankful half brother.

Yes, he would be more thankful than the messiah.

??? I wonder? how much would it have cost for all American's to have one supper like that???

Here is the answer, twice checked and correct. The supper with the Savior of the world, would have cost all of the unannointed………$9,975,000,000,000. OK, let’s just round that off to Ten Trillion Dollars, that is what it would have cost all of us Americans to eat with the elite.

Personally, a supper at Wendy’s with Sarah Palin, would be more appealing to me. That is if there were no Hollywood socialists there. And think about it, America's working class hardly ever has the time for a sit down supper, it is eat on the run with no live entertainment. So the next time the pompous BHO is caught spewing his lies about change, yes, do as I do......CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

*Barbara Streisand, aka Babs or Barbra. I bought many of her records, cassettes and CD's.
Just had to add this link to the past

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Anonymous WebRuler said...

I reviewed this blog article of mine and realized, I haven't realized all that the one who made me, realized, and spoke to me about in HIS SPOKEN WORD.

If you have a problem with those that beleive on the Lord Jesus Christ....


Get out of here...



Sanity's Bluff is for lovers of life, liberty and Libations.

Blogger Jason said...

I love it when you right wing types bash celebrities. It shows such petty bitterness. Remember, "elitist" just means somebody smarter than you.

Anonymous supperworks said...

$28,500 for one sitdown meal??? wow.

Anonymous Austin said...

IS bab's pregnant, probably a George Bush love child. Or she is fat and ignorant. My ten year old son could win a spelling bee against her, probably in 4 words.

Her voice is loverly until she uses it to spew out her tripe. It is embarassing to know people like this are in the party I love, Democrat. I don't want Babs to sing at my next party. Babies dieing of hunger in Africa, and she charges diners tens of thousands of dollars.

People who love people do not spend $28,000 to sit down to dinner with this hollywood w****

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