Monday, January 16, 2006
Another Contest (Give it a shot)
Take a few minutes, let that keyboard cool off, and think about this: WHO IS IT?

In contest #2, I gave a choice of two prizes.
Violence Worker won that contest and chose the NGS issue with the Winston Churchill Record… the prize for this contest will be the NGS with the Record of the Humpback Whales.

Here is all the information you need to tell me who this famous American couple was.


The husband left France as a teenager and migrated to America.
He quickly fell in love with America.
It was in America that this man looked around and decided he would stay in America forever.
With his wife 'Lucy' at his side, he accomplished much that was not appreciated at the time, but not so today. He still touches the hearts and minds of most Americans. His passion was not appreciated at the time, so Lucy and **** ***** ******* spent the rest of their life in poverty and obscurity.
But they loved America, and never doubted that it was the place to be.
The wife Lucy, stayed at her man’s side, but kept reminding him that he was the "Lost Dauphin of France", the son of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. She insisted that instead of the crude life in the wilderness’s of America, they could return to France and claim the THRONE OF FRANCE.

To this couple, America in poverty was more desirable than the throne of France.
So, the couple lived out their life in America, and BOY AM I GLAD THEY DID.

Post your answer as a comment.


Blogger Violence Worker said...

VW Chooses to not say anything this time. A little bird told him.


Anonymous Adam said...

John James and Lucy Audubon

Anonymous LarrFly said...

It was Johnny Appleseed.
Who actually was a man John Devon Darlington, and his wife Lucy Darlington.

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