Sunday, January 01, 2006
Contest #2

Special Recording: Churchill's Great Words and Funeral Music

Here is the prize for contest #2, Your Choice of either of these magazines.
Here are photos of two very rare National Geographic Magazine Issues. These Issues have a flimsy plastic 33 1/3 rpm record sheet inserted into the magazine. If you were to remove them from the magazine, you would find that they actually work. That is if you could find a phonograph player.
I have heard both of these records. In this digital age, these records are nothing but a side note to history. Who has a phonograph anymore? Everything is digital and on the internet. There must be about 2,345,987 songs and audio files available for downloading on the internet.

After hours of searching I was able to find a link to the Song of the Humpback Whale, but haven't tracked down a file of the Funeral of Winston Churchill.

You now have a chance to WIN a piece of history.

95% of the record sheets in the original issues of the magazine shown here, were removed immediately upon arrival to homes throughout the world in August 1965 or January 1979, and played on the familys Zenith Phonographic HiFi. Very few of these magazines remain intact in such pristene condition. I have more of these magazines, I have collected NGS Mags and Maps for years. I fell in love with Geography when I was 9 years old, and 50+ years later, Geography is still one of my many passions.........Hopefully, this contest will generate traffic here AT SANITY'S BLUFF.
Heres the fine print...Many of my closest friends and any of my relatives are not eligible to win this prize, since I may have mentioned this unique American Puzzle in our conversations.
National Geographic Sound Sheet:
"Sounds of the Humpback Whale"
Want to hear the record?
Follow the above link

Webloafer Announces Attempt Number Two to Start a Web Contest

The contest about Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile, was a dismal failure, since there was no real prize. Having learned from these mistakes, I present WebLoafers's Web Contest No. 2.

This time there will be a real prize. Above you see two rare National Geographic Magazines. If you can answer correctly the two parts of this quiz, you can choose which of these two NGS's you want me to send to you, with no cost except for the shipping. Shipping will cost $3.85 priority mail, or somewhere around $1.50 for first class. You will have to send me the stamps it will take to mail it to you, and I'll need an address where to ship, but first you have to answer these two questions correctly. I think they are hard enough this time, and the prize is worth the trouble to figure this out.

Contest # 2

Question #1.....Name the Supreme Court Judge
When this Judge was appointed and confirmed to the Supreme Court, no judge had died, retired or been impeached. He/she served on the bench for several decades and died while still an associate judge. No one was appointed to the court to replace her/him. Who is/was, she/he? Who? Name the Justice.

If you figure this one out, you still have to figure out which of the following statesments is true about the Justice.

Question #2.....which of the following is true about this Supreme Court Judge?

A. This Justice weighed over 325 pounds.

B. This Justice was married to an Federal Appeals Court Justice.

C. This Justice and myself share the same first and last name.

D. This Justice spoke 9 foreign languages fluently.

E. This Justice stuttered so badly, he/she rarely spoke.

So in your comment, include the name of the Justice and the letter of the correct statement about the Justice.....example....Justice Anthony Kennedy/A


Anonymous blueskyshy said...

Getting out my history books, and googling. I want that record of the humpback whales singing. I bet if you listen closely to that record, you will hear the whales singing;


Blogger phred said...

I don`t have a answer yet, but I did want to comment on those records.
Probably giving away my age... but I remember those .
I do wonder where in the world would you find a record player nowdays ?
COOL contest, I will start researching...
PS, I am courious to see what the Supreme Court does with the Anna Nicole Smith lawsuit.
What do you think, is she entitled to the $$$$$$ ?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Anna Nicold Smith?
The marriage was legal, He was of sound mind, so the money is hers.

Do I like gold diggers? NO, but the law is the law.

And advice to children of rich people. Spend some time with your ailing father or mother.

Perhaps if the children had comforted their father in his waning years, he would not have had to turn to a gold digger for company.

Blogger Andy Dabydeen said...

I don't think it takes a liberal or a conservative to appreciate both. They're both history -- and would both be cool to have in a collection somewhere.

I know. I've seen the portrait in the basement of the Supreme Court gallerey and the nameplate under the coat rack in outside the Senate gallery. Problem is, I know too much, so I have to recuse myself.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I do thank you for that Phil, ah, it really shouldn't be to hard to get the first question.....I found enough information from a few lists of the Justices I googled for, enough to peg who it is, but the second part is a little harder.
Enjoying our weather, but have caught a little flu bug.

Blogger Shane said...

sounds like Justice Taft

Blogger James said...

Taft didn't die while in the SCOTUS, he retired. That and Taft was Cheif, not Associate.

Blogger web_loafer said...

It was not Justice Taft.

Blogger Violence Worker said...

John Catron is question one. As far as I know, he was the first one to die in office and not be replaced and I think that was in 1865. So there were others that left before him.

As for the 2nd part, I haven't a clue. Maybe you share the same name.


Blogger web_loafer said...

Contest over......

Violence Worker is
the winner.

And I plan to write about my great great great great uncle, someday.
He was on the wrong side of the worst decision ever handed down by the high court, the Dred Scott Decision. He voted with the majority, and that was wrong. Even if you say times were different, a person is a person, not 5/8 of a person, or whatever the fraction was decided upon.
John Catron was appointed when the court was expanded to 12 judges. Andrew Jackson appointed him on the last day of his presidency and the next president Van Buren let the nomination stand, he was voted in and sat a long time on the bench. When he died in 1865 the congress and senate abolished that seat on the SCOTUS. They didn't want Andrew Johnson nominating a Justice to the SCOTUS.

Good Show VW

You'll have to tell me which issue you want and email me where to send it.

Blogger Violence Worker said...

I'm in a quandry. I almost feel like I'm almost taking it from you because it was a guess...especially the name. How can you part with the history?

Second, It would obviously be the Churchill issue, whales schmales. (Hey, I'm a conservative! We hate children, old people, clean air and whales)

Either way, it will have to wait. I'm scheduled to leave on business overseas soon for about six weeks in about 10 days and I'm pretty busy preparing for the trip.

As always, I enjoy your blog!


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