Thursday, May 13, 2010
This is free speech as practiced by idiots who cannot speak freely in their own country (MEXICO) so they come to the land of the free and the home of


Blogger Jay said...

That dummy doesn't know much about the history of the country he claims fidelity toward. That land he's ranting on was ceded to the U.S. as a condition of surrender when Mexico lost a war to us. Before that, Mexicans stole it from Spain who stole it from the Indians.

If these wanna-be revolutionaries would only spend their energy transforming their own country...Mexico could be a nation to rival our own.

Blogger web_loafer said...

And Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the idiots of Mexico defeating France....dah....think about that!
I am fuming because a dictator from a third world country got a standing ovation in MY HOUSE....visited our prez...IN MY a State????Dinner…(((any state dinner that Whoopie Goldblahberg is invited to, is a mistake dinner, not a state dinner)))and both CaldaroniMacaroni and the wannabe president...Baracki Turncoati...proceeded to ridicule, berate and demean the good....YES GOOD....citizens of Arizona. Why should any REAL, LEGAL CITIZEN OF ARIZONA HAVE TO PAY ANY MONEY TO THE FEDERALI TURNCOATS IN D.C.???? I am looking up products made in mExIcO .and anything I can live without from Mexico....I WILL. You want a boycott??? Nothing from Mexico for me, and I will make a point of popping the tops of any JUMEX juice....jars of the grocery store...or anything from our enemy to the south.....Strong maintain such a great nation (YES BARAKI, THIS IS A NATION)((JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE FROM)) THIS IS A NATION.....UNDER GOD...NOT UNDER ALLAH....or CALDARONI, THE PHONY.

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