Thursday, May 27, 2010
IF ONLY..........
If only this woman had been president

when the oil well sprung a leak. You can hem and ha about the disaster....but if this dear lady had been President when the BIG leak occurred, THE NEWS WOULD NOT BE ABOUT "What do we do?", it would be about clean up. The problem #1 would have been solved, and this wonderful AMERICAN....WHO....LOVES AMERICA....WOULD HAVE EVERY THING UNDER CONTROL. THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY FUND RAISERS IN CALIFORNIA, GOLF GAMES, BLAH, BLAH....IF WE HAD HAD A PRESIDENT IN OFFICE WHO LOVED AMERICA....WE WOULD NOT BE TALKING ABOUT THIS TRAGIC? (Are you sure it's tragic) EVENT, a month and days later. You got what you voted for America....a dunce who thinks he is God. Oh by the way.....He ain't God, and doesn't know anyone close to the Son of God, None of his friends believe in God, Jesus or America......PROVE ME WRONG>>>>>>>>You Can't<<<<<<


Anonymous Anonymous said...

takl like this? You will pay.

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