Saturday, January 30, 2010
I've always been proud of my country.
HAITI and USA NAVY the only words needed to explain this photo.


Blogger HolyInheritance said...

Beautiful! That photo made my day.

So wonderful to see such a happy picture after all the other images we've seen out of that area.

Thanks for posting it!

Blogger 公車 said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any other photograph in this new Millennium that said more without words. Somehow we have forgotten what art and reality are.

Anonymous YWEyourworstenemy said...

Proud is a state of mind. Would you mind being proud of something other than the US? The US is not us in the rest of thre world, so your pride is our call to action to take from you. We will live in your houses, drive your autos, open your safety deposit boxs and have your daughters and sons. You cannot stop us.

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