Saturday, December 05, 2009
How is this for great timing????
This is a photo capture of a real Golf Digest Magazine. Perhaps it will shame the president to begin working for the languishing American citizens....instead of flying all over the world collecting accolades and trashing the USofA in speeches. Maybe he will spend some time trying to help the USofA, instead of filling up his days with golfing, Wednesday night parties, and campaigning all over America for his re-election bid in 2012. While men and women are fighting in a life and death struggle with our nations enemies....Obama is inviting them to the white house for beer and rap music. Hollywood Ho's are sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom, while the real men and women of America are sleeping on the ground in flimsy tents waiting for a leader to tell them where. HEY....HE Hasn't a the brave need only wait out their committment and then let the socialist's fight for the USofA....OH, Sorry for even thinking of such an impossible scenerio.....Liberals don't fight for the USofA.....they fight against it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want to bet on that?

Anonymous wawai said...

hello my friends...
i'm here.. :)

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