Saturday, September 12, 2009
What? CNN wanting civility????Ask George W. about CNN and the truth.
Tell the truth…now there’s a novel idea for the elistist who now think they own America. They don’t, and we will not be silent anymore. Just tell the truth, Obama and Soros; tell me if when I am (The Lord God willing) 70 years old will the Obamatrons deny me treatment to save my life from a cancer I contacted while driving the 4,000,000 miles on the highways of America, paying taxes and trying to get ahead? The truth is you would rather spend money on an illegal aliens health care, because they will always vote for more socialism. America is the last bastion of freedom, and we will not lose that freedom without a fight. YES A FIGHT


Anonymous downdirty said...

were you one of the idiots protesting there?

Anonymous Mike B said...

You may want to learn how to research. The current bill in the house specifically says, in caps, that illegals would not receive coverage and the "death panel" deny coverage undertone in your post has been debunked.

Or maybe I should just go all Joe Wilson on you "You Lie!"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a small clue about how out of touch with reality this "protest" movement is!

You said illegal aliens will always vote for more socialism and that's supposedly why Obama will give them health care. Duh! Illegal aliens -- and legal aliens -- can't vote.

Get a grip!

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