Saturday, July 04, 2009
No celebration this year
I didn't buy fireworks this year. Not because of the recession, it is, well...It is impossible to celebrate the birth of a nation when it is obvious it won't be around much longer. My beloved country is being sold out and betrayed by leftists who could never create a nation to rival the one they are so bent on destroying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many centuries ago, there lived a diverse set of people, peaceably moving through a continent rich with natural resources. Then the invading hordes of illegal immigrants came, saw, conquered--and screwed it up.

Karma, anyone?

Anonymous Web Boss said...

You without doubt waste more of this worlds NATURAL Shut thy piehole. You liberal 'know it all's' use more of my planets resources...per ca pita than I....oh're so much more important than I....YEAH...Important like that idiot savant Algore.
Global Warming???? many idiots like you, you can only wish it would get warmer,for you haven't a clue about how to live in the coming ice age.....

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