Monday, May 11, 2009
This old movie clip is only 24 seconds and think


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous MAS1916 said...

Nice Clip!!!

Shows how far society has fallen.

Conservatives do have a lot to be optimistic about in terms of future electability. Just let Obama run the country for another 12 months and the country will be screaming about the double digit interest rates, inflation and unemployment. All His policies have been tried before and have produced these results.

Conservatives should take heart though! For a list of reasons, you can hit:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had this one on my computer for ages. When I start getting frustrated at the stupidness of the leaders of this country, I open it up and give a listen. It's kind of funny, but, scary that our leaders are just this way. Zombies for the Politically correct.......not the "Correct" things. This country was founded on principles that seem to have bad consequences if you follow them anymore. WE THE PEOPLE need to take this nation back from the idiots in Washington and find someone who will actually stand up for this country and mean it.

Anonymous TIPS-BOX said...

nice clip

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least at one time, Hollywood had it right. I love this clip and have it on my computer to play when I get frustrated.

Anonymous Thayer said...


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