Monday, May 04, 2009
No Comment Necessary

If you can watch this video and still think our nations media is fair, balanced or even need a brain transplant, lobotomy or shock treatment.clue, and some help finding it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a clue for you bigot, OBAMA

Anonymous Louise said...

Your blog illustrates to the world why right wing idiots of america should be imprisioned, not listened too.

Blogger Horatio said...

Wait, I may not be a Republican, but Sanity's Bluff makes a good point. The media showed no respect for Bush whatsoever, but fell over themselves for Obama. That's ridiculous. I may not agree with a lot of what Bush did, but that level of bias should only be for blogs and campuses, not press circles.

Blogger cube said...

Bush got nothing but ridicule and Obama gets daily tongue baths from the media. What's wrong with this picture? How can you be happy with a Pravda-esque press in America.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Lord, get a grip. This was explained ad nauseum in the press. The two instances were NOT parallel because one was a planned press conference where everyone was in their seat waiting for it to begin, the other was an unexpected appearance that caused excitement and a spontaneous reaction.

Furthermore, equating respect for the man in office may be more about his character than his politics.

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