Monday, April 20, 2009
The Truth About 'Road Kill'

The truth about 'Road Kill'

As a truck driver who drives eighteen wheeler’s at least two thousand miles each week, I am more than qualified to talk on this subject. And here is my take on

Look, don’t bother listening to Web Loafer, listen to me. Let me introduce myself, I am Shirley, and yes I’m squirrelly. LOL. Truck drivers create most of the road kill of decent animals like myself. You’ll notice I am trying to give you an acorn, a big one. It is my way of saying “Here, take this and promise not to flatten me like a pancake….out there on the highway.

ENOUGH, I don't know how Shirley did it, but I can't seem to delete her comments. This is Web Loafer again, and I plan to write a series of blog articles on road kill. Wait, before you click that will learn some interesting things if you stick with me on this. Since Shirley so rudely interrupted my blog, lets start this series out with a short expose' about squirrels and the road.

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