Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Change is good, sometimes
Yes, the flag at half mast was a little too much, but I am torn betwixt two thoughts. Obama, the next president of the nation I love, may grow into the job. I may even hear him say the words someday in a convincingly plain manner, “I love America”.

I hope President elect Barack Hussein Obama loves the nation I love, I really and truly do. If he does, I’ll forgo any criticism of his decisions in his rookie year, or even years. No one can study at a University of Higher Learning a course…. “How to be a President of the United States of America 101!

There are only a few humans (all men) who are experienced at the job, and aren’t they a motley bunch?

They are, they ALL had faults, but the USofA survived.

Every ex-president alive today, is one who lived in the peoples White House while I was driving diesel truck. I respect all of them for doing a job no one but thugs and crooks would want to do. After all, does the president of the USofA make as much in salary in a year as the head honcho of the drug trade in Milwaukee?

I wish Barack Hussein Obama the best of times, may he grow into a president who has nothing in common with Bill Ayres, irreverent Rev Wright, and other marxist friends of his from his past. If he is but a puppet for the marxist George Soros, and starts acting as such, I will start writing about his unAmericanism. Until then, from the bottom of my emotional being, I wish Barack Hussein Obama only good. May he reciprocate.

Why am I a little hesitant? You ask?

One thing any thinking person will agree with me on is this; in his two year path to the Taxpayer’s White House, BHO criticized America over and over again. He even did it overseas, and the world loved it. He criticized the nation I LOVE more than he criticized the one he ran for president against. I want to hear Obama say something patriotic about America. We’ll just have to wait and see. Run a nexus search on ‘Obama blames’ Obama accuses, Obama points out, etc. etc. A mans word is his bond, Yes I know that belief is ancient behaviour, but it served the USofA well in the past.

One last thing, watch this before it disappears. Freedom of expression is the first freedom we all will lose if Marxism is really the name of the game. Watch a celebration of people who tore down the wall, and I dare you to curse my favorite president of ALL TIME, Ronald Reagan.

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