Saturday, September 20, 2008
Hillary and Sarah
I gave up watching Saturday Night Live, from NYC, almost a decade ago, and have never bothered to visit anything that NBC broadcasts. But rumor has it, SNL is trying to become a player again. This may or may not do it, you decide?

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Anonymous LoopHole said...

Yes, I want to comment about Hillary and Sara. Yet, I doubt you want to listen to this!
Hillary (HILLBILLYARY)would never wear a burka, unless Bill told her it was politically adventageous, and Sarah?

Sarah wears clothing much like the burka when she is in her/my/our beloved Alaska and it is chilly.

Yet tell me, why would a woman wear a smelly burka in the deserts of Afghanistan? And why haven’t the conquerors of islam tried to terrorize an Artic nation?
Now about those clownish women in the desert wearing 30 pounds of cloth covering;
Someone had to make her do something so stupid. That stupidity was probably beaten into her by her wannabe man.
Lot's of women in islamic nations want to be free, free from the degradation of islam, but they are afraid, afraid to take the burka off and show the world the bruises of islam. Now listen up, would you dare to buck a system so cruel to women, without hope of change?????. You know all about the Islamic world vision, women are crap, men are macho and when we islamists rule the world, no woman will drive a car, own or talk on a cellphone, or hold any public office.
Sounds a lot like the Democrat’s of America, and their view of sexism. They talk the talk, about equal rights for all, but sabotoged a great lady in her quest for the presidency, and who now are showing their sexist and racist belief’s clear enough to anyone paying attention, who has a preschool degree.
About women drivers, I must point out that when the rich shieks of oil rent a Disney park for a day and ban anyone but muslims for that day, a muslim man,

Now that is a world class oxyimoron, muslim man..

will in a show of weakness let their five or six wifes (slaves) or twenty two daughters (future slaves), drive the bumper cars.
I wondre if NBC will ever do a special on Sarah Palin's driving ability?

Then? Hear me out, the bigots in the media, Hyanalissport MA and Chicago.
Sorry i'm not more coherant, I am getting tired of talking, it is time for action,
LOCK AND LOAD, and have plenty of ammo and backup weaponry. America is not going to survive, unless men act like men, and a real man has a woman by his side voluntarily, not beaten into burkaism, by a perverted and weak man, who probably brings disease to the marriage bed. YOu know after doing sheep and goats, the faux men of islam beat their Sarah Palin's so badly, they have to wear the smelly old burkas to hide the bruises.

Blogger web_loafer said...

whoa, who are you loophole, your link worked, but that is not your real blog. Please give us your url so we can read more. When your anger is taken out of the picture, you made a lot of sense.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like you'll have to copy and paste, but it just might be worth your looking.

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