Tuesday, September 09, 2008
Help me out here
OK, find and email me a picture of men or boys that says more than this says. This is not a feminist thing..............................IT IS AN AMERICAN THING.....................VIVA LA SARAH.
Once again conservatives are far ahead of the rest, We have been celebrating equality, motherhood, smiling, hugging and living for decades. You abortion loving leftist's will never know the joy of holding a prematurely born human being with down syndrome. I have held and kissed a baby that had the syndrome, but didn't take pictures. Speaking of pictures, what about the ultrasound images of the tiny fingers, toes, nose and other parts of what you liberal death merchants love to call......fetal tissue? You are fighting a fight that you can never win, and you are showing your hatred of life while you fight. Sara Palin is the best of the best of the best, and nothing you death merchants will do in the next two months, will convince one mother that Sarah is unworthy of the office she is seeking. VIVA LA PALIN, VIVA LA SARAH, VIVA LA.....LIFE.

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Anonymous booklover9191 said...

OUCH. Your reasoning is down to earth simple, but it got to me. I'll visit this blog in the future.

Anonymous Daisy said...

Yikes! Kids! Tho, yeah they are cute indeed. when not in tantrums.


Have a new silly blog.

Blogger el said...

Nice post. But you bring to light exactly why they will never see the Roe v Wade argument any other way. They only see a fetus as tissue, not as a baby. Not to say it is faulty logic, but it is usually the way in which people can legitimize the hurting of others to themselves. Making the other less than human. Anyway, good to see another Palin fan.

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