Wednesday, August 06, 2008
The confusion about obama

There has been some confusion concerning Obama. Is he our Personal Jesus, Personal Messiah, Personal President, or Personal Commissar? And there will continue to be that confusion until he is crowned Lord Obama, healer of the universe, savior of all people who hate America.

Here is where the confusion gets confusing.


Blogger Jason said...

None of the above. He's the next president of the USA, and the source of such incredibly entertaining bitterness from you right wing blogger types. I really love all these kinds of posts. The levels of anger you people have toward the excitement generated by this candidate is priceless. When's the last time there was this kind of excitement over any republican? NEVER. Quick, somebody call the whaaaaaaaambulance!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Now now Jason, You and I both have political blogs, and you use some satire, I use a lot of satire to point out things. As a person, other than his over abundance of arrogance, Obama just might be a nice person, but that alone gives no one a free pass to the most important job in the world. He has done nothing, says nothing and the excitement is waning considerably. And don't be so sure he will win in Nov. Americans aren't angry at Obama, they just don't trust him to lead this nation. A Clinton/Obama ticket would easily win in Nov, but Obama cannot choose anyone as vice-president to overcome his biggest obstacle...His enormous ego and arrogance.

Thanks for the backhanded compliment, but I am not bitter or angry, I am ready for whatever happens.

You do deserve some kind of reward for visiting my site so much. I wish I had more time to blog, I don't, so bear with my hurried writings...they'll get better here soon when I park the 18 wheeler for the last time. Perfect timing I'd say, I'll be drawing a social security check soon along with my retirement, and you youngsters get to pay the bill.

If you could invest just a small portion of what the government takes for SS in a private account, you'd have something when you retire. It doesn't look to good on the financial horizon, and I cast equal blame on Dem's and Rep's.

Blogger Bush said...

I heard that he's seven feet tall and has his face surgically restructured every three years to conceal his identity. I suspect he is the son of Achilles and Julia Roberts. And furthermore, I have a verifiable source that can attest to his ability to eat fire (solid fire).

Blogger Shea said...

I never ws a big Depeche Mode fan but I always did love their song Personal Jesus

Blogger Jay said...

You're right Web. If it wasn't for his ego, narcissism, delusions of grandeur, lack of experience, hidden past, fake birth certificate, unproven citizenship, payoffs from convicted racketeers, associations with terrorists and racists, and generally being about as intelligent as a bag of hammers...he would be a hell of president.

Don't think I would want to drink a beer with him though.

Anonymous Anthony Fuller said...

Well, I'm hoping for change and you can't stop me!

Blogger Matt said...

haha who knows...obama, obonga yo momma :P

I actually kinda like barack although he needs one thing CLARITY...I am sick of this "change" montra. He needs to explain the kind of change.

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