Thursday, August 28, 2008
Arrogance run amok in Denver

The man makes it too easy.
Arrogance run amok in Denver.


Anonymous otilius said...

you're really overthinking (underthinking?) this one.

Blogger Jason said...

Asinine post, as usual.

Blogger Brian Sorgatz said...

Of all the candidates, why single out Obama for being arrogant? Isn't arrogance basically a job requirement for anyone who seriously aspires to be the leader of the free world?

Blogger Len said...

Show some respect. "The Man" is going to be your next president.

Blogger Jay said...

With McCain's pick for a running mate, I'll be voting for a Republican for President for my first time.

Never thought that would happen.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, don't dismay!
The love you have for your country and justice is showing.
But don't go overboard and vote a straight Republican ticket, not even in Kansas.
First consider local issues, and those that you trust to attempt to solve them. I don't know much about Topeka local issues other than this.
The lawyer clan of the bigots of Topeka needs to be stopped. Anyone attending that gay hating, America hating church should not be allowed to claim his or her contributions as deductions. If I had my way the members of that gang should be politely ask to leave the country I love. And if they refuse, they should be thrown into Lake Perry with a ton of there dayglo signs strapped to them. It is getting crowded in America, and we must throw a few overboard to keep the USSAmerica afloat.
Westboro Baptist Church is not a church, and should pay taxes to Kansas and America.

Blogger Jay said...

I'm not going to become a Republican, though there are many Democrats that I am profoundly disappointed in and are no longer getting my support. With local candidates, party really means nothing at all to me and I'll go with whatever politician seems the most anybody you would want to hire for a job.

As for our unfortunate burden of the clan you talk about; well, by their fruits you can know them. I'm angry that they are allowed to do what they do...but I'm proud that they live in a country that let's them do what they do.

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